recommendation for heavy beard

Hello. I’m a 36 yr old male who has been shaving since I was 15. My beard is very course and the hairs are dark. I have a lot of area with my cheeks, chin and neck below the chin. I have tried a laser treatment but couldn’t stand the pain. The topical cream wore off quickly and the treatments were $200 a session. Any suggestions on the most effective, painless, economical procedure. Even if it’s not permanent, that’s ok. I just want to be able to go more than one day without shaving and still look neat and clean.

If you’re looking for a temporary solution (or partial removal/weakening of the hairs), laser may be a good choise for you. It is very painful in your case, but you may be able to arrange for lidocaine injections, which will make this virtually painless. Watch out for overtreatment, however.

If you want a permanent solution, the answer is electrolysis. If you find a good practitioner, you’re likely not to need any anesthesia at all. The process will take time and, in the end, you will have no facial hair gowth at all. Is this what you want?

First of all, Laser is not a “temporary” removal method, and I would hate for anyone to read this thread and get that impression. Yb likes for people to read the page, and it lists the following as temporary methods of removal:
Rotary epilators
No matter what certain people’s opinions are of Laser, to describe it as Temporary is a disservice to consumers and could lead to accidents (like permanent removal of hair that you did not want to remove permanently!)
Having said that, I would look into the Aurora for permanent reduction of your beard. What yb is suggesting, permanent removal of a heavy beard with Electrolysis, not only doesn’t fit my impression of what you are looking for but would also cost up to $12,000-20,000 dollars to achieve over the course of 2 to 3 years. Overtreatment with Electrolysis is what you should beware of, as pitting and scarring are a serious risk on the facial area. James Walker has a patient who posted about his beard removal on this board, and I believe you will find that my description of the costs and time involved are fairly accurate. James is probably one of the best, and unless he is the one doing the treatments, there is a very good chance you will have major problems finding someone that will even come close to ridding you of a heavy male beard with electrolysis with out major complications and a very large alteration of your lifestyle for a few years as you try to hide, and justify to the world what you are doing. With the Aurora you are looking at about 5 treatments and about $1,200 for a major reduction that so far seems to be permanent in my case. I paid $900 for 4 treatments on my cheeks and upper lip, and 3 on my neck and chin. By reduction I am talking about the permanent removal of some hair and the permanent reduction of size color and coarsness of the rest. This is what I have experienced, and I am not alone. I had a topical numbing creme applied and barley felt a thing. My face was fine in a few hours, and no one had any idea that I was getting my beard treated. I still have a beard, but it is very different. I look clean shaven for about 24 hours, and then I have a much lighter and more handsome beard that grows in. I can then shave right away or let it grow for a cool, scruffy look, that works for me in a way that my “old beard” could not. My life in this regard has changed, and I am now obsessed with other things I want to change, as this is no longer a factor. The Aurora is not a Laser, and is new technology, but the results I have monitored so far on my light skin and red hair appear to be permanent, and I had to sacrifice very little to reduce a beard that had been bothering my self esteem for many years. I would think that on a male beard I will have some new growth over the years, and I figure every couple years I might get a touch up treatment. Good Luck.

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I think that’s what I meant to say above. If you want to thin out your beard, laser may be a good choice. But the results you see in the first couple of months may not last forever (not permanent). You may need touch ups every so often. And if the pain is a big factor, try other technitians and local anesthesia. Electrolysis would permanently remove any remeberance of your beard forever, and you have to decide if this is what you really want.

Thanks for the feedback. The idea of permanent removal is a good one, and maybe when finances are better, I would look into it. But after having 2 laser treatments on just my neck area, I know I would have to spend a lot of money to get permanent removal.
As far as Aurora goes, is it electrolysis? And as far as electr for a beard, there are so many hairs, I could only imagine numerous visits and how long would I need to let the hair grow before having a treatment? I work 6 days a week and am constently in front of people, so the more inconspicious the better.

Although the Aurora uses radio frequency ( synergized with Intense Pulse Light) which is what is used to generate heat with electrolysis, it is nothing like Electrolysis. It is utilized a lot like a Laser, but isn’t a L.A.S.E.R. If you go to the Laser section of the Forum and serch for “aurora” you will find a bunch of info, including detailed post abouts my very successful beard reduction. If you have really dark skin, the Aurora is not for you, otherwise think about it. The company that makes the Aurora is called SYNERON. A google search will get you to to their website and you can read about their machine. You can also call Syneron toll free and find out if their is someone in your area using the Aurora, and you can get a free patch test to see what you think. That is what I did.