Recommend an electrologist in London???

Hi I was wandering if somebody on here can recommend a good electrologist in the London area?

I have actually tried electrolysis before when I lived in another part of the UK. I was treated for around a year on patches on my back, shoulders and upper arms, however, I have had pretty much no results as the hair is the same now as to when I started.

When I went for my consultation my electrologist told me that each hair has to be zapped up to 10 times before it stops growing and as I hadn’t done much research I took her word for it! However, reading some of the threads on this forum I understand that this is nonsense, and if done properly, the hairs only need to be treated once to be permanently removed? I fear that my electrologist was just plucking the hairs and I have wasted my money.

However, I am willing to give it another go in the hands of somebody who knows what they are doing. Does anyone have any experience of electrolysis in the london area with positive results? Any recommendations will be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi ps1980,
I am happy to give a consultation and a test patch, if east London is convenient for you.
I am happy to put you in touch with some of my clients to discuss.
I use Spectrum Elite and Laurier IBP’s.
PM me if you would like more info.

Hello Geri,

I am on a renewed search for an electrologist in London. I have sent you a pm.