recomendations, point of view are welcome

ok, in the near future im may get laser, but i wanna get reduce thr amount of hair in my chest not completely gone, so if i get fine hair, it is going to regenerate and become dark and coarse again? also my shoulder, back and front neck are (i think) the last places from my body that starts to grow, i have hair in my back not fully covered tough but some there dark but not coarse and my shoulder still fine and little bit long, laser cant remove it right?

don’t touch anything fine and sparse with laser. it can stimulate more growth, mostly on men’s upper arms, shoulders and back areas. stomach is usually fine. do laser for coarse, dark, and dense areas and electrolysis on others. if you want to just thin it out, you’ll just need less treatments, so maybe 2-3 depending. but you need an experienced tech who won’t miss spots, so that the results are not patchy. you can also do electrolysis. those are the only methods that can make the hair permanently thinner or go away. if your question is what other methods are there, there aren’t.

please read the FAQs. I wrote them to avoid answering the same questions over and over. This question is answered as well.