Recent waxing

okay, so i am a 21 year old male with a substantial amount of hair for such a young person and i decided that it would be nice to try and spend a spring break where i could take my shirt off for once so i went to get waxed.

the waxing process went along fine, but the part of my body that had the least amount of hair, my back, is giving me the most trouble. i have red bumps all over my back area. there was hardly any hair back there to begin with, but now there are red bumps all over the back side. is this normal after waxing? i thought i would get more redness and bumps on my chest and abs where there was a lot of hair removed. i ordered tendskin and i think i am just going to stick to shaving from now on, since waxing was such a painful process. any help or advice is much appreciated

one other thing…i don’t know why a decent hair removal method hasn’t been achieved with all the technology in recent years. i’ve thought about laser, but for a college student that isn’t feasible. i don’t wish excessive body hair on any young person. it has been a ridiculous and horrendous experience growing up with this much body hair for being so young. i only hope that one day i won’t have to deal with this anymore.


It sounds as though you need to be working on the skin to get the best clear-up result… you need to exfoliate, and to make sure you keep it up until the skin has healed up… the problem with the back is firstly, it is hard to scrub, unless you have a special friend… second, it is a large area, and if you sweat, it can be substantial, esp if you wear lots of layers of clothing… thirdly, if you sit in a chair, drive a car, sit on a sofa etc a lot, then the back hairs can be come a problem when they become emergent from the skin… and the constant friction as well does not let the skin remain clean…

My suggestion, wash thoroughly, with a neutral non-soap solution or bar, then exfoliate, then let it dry naturally in the air, or lightly buff with a towel… if you can get some short periods of sun on the skin, then do so…

Good luck,


Sometimes certain areas can just be problematic. I’ve got no problems with the rest of my legs, but the backs of my thighs do badly no matter what I do, whether it’s shaving or waxing. It can be hard to predict.

IHH is pretty much right on what you can do about it now. Keep it clean, exfoliate gently. If you can keep your shirt off most of the time, I’d do that, too. At least wear things as loose-fitting as possible, and try to sit forward a bit so that you don’t rub against it for a few days.

As far as a good method? There are some. They just tend to be more expensive and time consuming. They do work, you just have to save up if it’s really a priority. It’ll probably be awhile until laser is as cheap as going to get waxed… wax is cheap to produce, and not hard to learn to use, but the lasers are considerably more expensive and do take a bit more skill. :wink: