really need help

i have been tweezing my unibrow for about 15 yrs now and have really been having problems with ingrown hairs which causes an unsightly, almost zit like appearance.also ,i have been getting more and more ingrown hairs in the facial area(mustache,cheeks and jawline)that cause the same problems…this has become such a problem with my self esteem that i have to avoid everyone and everything when i have a “breakout” and i have become soooo tired of having to live my life like that.whats a guy to do? :confused:

A guy is to find the best electrologists in town and get sample treatments and consultations from as many of them as one can, in order to get the best, quickest treatment that will result in a permanent end to this problem. Your skin will heal up nice and smooth, and you will avoid the pit marks that repeated ingrown hairs cause many men to suffer.

hi there everyone i am new and i just wanted to say that this site is great. i have incredible problems with hair growth and i wont even begin to explain them here in this thread… what i will do though is contribute to this tweezing delima…

i have been tweezing over my lip for many years now and i have no problem with it. hair is less and it doesnt hurt at all. when ever a hair comes out i pluck it out and this ritual i do usually before i got to bed and only takes a few seconds or mins. (i started plucking after i sugered my upper lip and my was like oh lets pluck that hair that was left and that leaded to my ritual of plucking…never had to shave or suger or wax after that… just pluck)…

however! its so totally weird with my chin… yes. how embarrasing… if i dont pluck my chin. i can grow a little beard on the small of my chin. its so embarrasing and i hate it!.. these hairs did not thin out or become less, like the hairs on my upper lip… they have gotten thicker and darker and i am obsessed with them because if i dont pluck them… i get this beard!..well sort of… but you get the point… so like the other posts, not only does it depend on the person, but the person’s body part!,sheesh!

the rest of my face i bleach… which works for me… oh god the rest of my body is another story. but i try to stay positive and just be happy that i am a young, healthy individual. There are people out there who are suffereing from terible illness and we should all be grateful. amen.