Really confused!

Hello all!

Basically, I am totally confused about epilators!

Are epilators good or bad for your skin? I have had one for a little over a year and I do get in grown hairs and it is time consuming. I also find that the idea of doing it once every 6 weeks is total rubbish I usually have to do it once a week.

I have been thinking for some time that I might be doing damage to my skin with all the ingrown hairs I now get?

I bought Nads Ingrow solution but honestly don’t think it has done any good. Should I just revert back to shaving? If so, is there a particular process I should go through or can I switch instantly?

Thankyou for any advice you can give me I don’t want to damage my skin at such a young age!

Shaving is really the best option, as it doesn’t cause any changes in the skin, and doesn’t risk any possibility of making permanent hair removal more difficult in the future.

As for any process for shaving, we would have to know what part(s) of the body you are clearing to go any further.

I only epilate my legs. I still shave my underarms, use cream on my arms and wax my bikini line :slight_smile:

Not to seem to have a one track mind, but is there any reason you would not do permanent hair removal on the legs? It is actually one of the easiest areas to do. I would even say that you and a girlfriend could get together and do each other after a short course, or reading a book. Face and underarms are another thing entirely, but legs are so easy it is the first thing schools allow students to do. Many schools have you working on legs your first day in class.

Epilators cause ingrowns over time as they make hairs grow in various shapes.

I would highly recommend laser, at least for your underarms and bikini if your hair is dark and coarse there. It’s very inexpensive and you’ll never have to wax or epilate there again. It only costs $50-100 per treatment and takes 6-8 treatments spaced every 2 months. Best thing I’ve done for myself. You can read my story below.

Legs are a bit more expensive, but still worth it. I had just 3 treatments on lower legs at $250 per treatment and 60-70% of the hair is gone.

Absolutely cannot afford laser treatment, which is why I asked for advice about epilation and shaving.

Any advice people could offer on my original post would be very helpful, thankyou :slight_smile:

hi lizzieish,

are you sure you can’t work out a way to afford laser? it’s not necessarily as expensive as you might think. for underarms, yea you would need about min 6 treatments (that’s how much I had; finishing off with electrolysis). for my legs, i’m satisfied after 3 treatments… same as LAgirl. for my younger sister, we have saved up so she can have the same done, she really has tooooo much hair to keep shaving. waxing causes too many ingrowns for her too.

anyway, until you reach that point (if you want to), i’d advise you to go back to shaving or start waxing.
i used an epilator for many years and really messed up the skin on my legs (same story as you, had to do it very frequently). i stopped like 2.5 years ago and still have some faint scarring from the ingrowns that turned into boil type spots on my legs.
so i started waxing more regularly instead, still got some ingrowns but not nearly as bad. last year i started laser treatments and i can’t tell you how much i wish i had done it years ago.

some people claim not to get ingrowns from epliating. maybe it’s true or maybe they haven’t used one long enough. if you’re getting them though, i’d say stop before it gets too bad.

if you can’t afford laser and can’t wax at home, perhaps try and find a beauty college near you. they usually offer full leg waxes at a very cheap price, or as James suggested, electrolysis.

Actually James… thanks for that encouragement. I have been toying with the idea of buying an electrolysis machine, to eventually be able to do electrolysis on my sister where she can’t have Laser. Even located a copy of the Bono book. My sister’s legs would be a perfect place to start practicing. The only thing holding me back was feeling like I wouldn’t be ready to practice just like that.