Really Bad Skin problem after epilating

I am an 18 year old male with creamy brown skin and very black hair and I HATE facial hair. It looks very bad on me too.

Before I was even aware of sites like this, i purchased a rotary epilator. It was an emjoi model (not optima).

I was stupid enough to use it on my beard and larynx and now there are little bumps and dark brown/black spots where hair was epilated from and THEY DO NOT GO AWAY!! I look awful because of this!! The its really getting me down and im afraid to be seen by people now :frowning: .

I think I’ve permanently damaged my skin and it really depresses me now. Does anyone know what I can do about it? Maybe a dermatologist could help?

Hi there :smile:

I completely agree with you. I too brought a emjoi epilator which could be used on face and body. But when I used it on my tights/stomach etc… I have the same problem my tights/stomach are completly filled with black spots. Although I used on my face nothing happened.

I was thinking of getting treatment for the marked that it left on my body but its going to be too costly :frowning:

Do post your trials to get rid of the marks due to ingrown hairs :?

Forgot to mension before epilating I used to wax my hair at that time did not have any much problems with ingrown hair

good luck.

What kind of treatment can you get to treat the spots?

I havent had any problems with ingrowns.

Dear Essess, you are not alone. There are many others out there with unwanted facial hair and skin problems and some will try anything that looks like it might work. How long has it been since you epilated? If it’s just been a few weeks, the bumps could still go away eventually. You should wash your face twice daily. There is a product called Tend Skin that chemically exfoliates the skin and helps to surface ingrown hairs. Some people love it and others have found it virtually useless, but it might be something to try. And seeing a dermatologist would be a very good idea… they could probably identify the cause of the bumps and the best treatment for them.

Yeah…but its not just the bumps…there’s like all these brownish/reddish or black spots all over that area, its been a while since i epilated there, more than a few weeks and it still hasn’t gone away and it hasn’t gotten any better…thats why i think i’ve done some permanent damage to that area.

I never had any ingrowns and the marks aren’t from ingrowns. I think their actually bruise marks from the hair being pulled out so rapidly and harshly.

I’m kinda shy about seeing a dermatologist about it, wateva…im just gonna go see one today.

Many topical products which claim to help fade skin discolorations of many types are available over the counter. The effectiveness of these products varies from person to person and on different types of discolorations. (Freckles, age spots, scars, blemishes, etc.) Some products are probably more effective than others. If you see a good dermatologist, they should know what the best treatment option is. Most dermatologists will understand your desire to remove your facial hair so you should not have a hard time explaining it to them.