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This is no bullsh***. This is the real deal.
I think since it’s the only one “serious” device that can be used by patients at home I will buy spatouch for self treatment. I am willing to spend 5000 -7000 thousand to be hair free for couple of month , to finally rid myself off of this horror.
These are the facts!

. Light and Heat Energy (LHE™) Technology – A Novel Approach to Photothermal Hair Removal,Alex Levenberg, MD, Beit Ha’rofeem – Plastic Surgery Clinic, April 2003

This whitepaper focuses on SpaTouch, its technological basis and clinical results. It begins with a description of the theory of selective photothermolysis, and how it is implemented in LHE™ technology. It then summarizes three (3) controlled clinical studies, including the study done for the FDA submission. The studies show delay in hair growth after one LHE treatment and long term hair reduction of about 50%, 6-9 months following the last treatment.

Conclusion: SpaTouch is clinically equivalent to laser and IPL hair removal systems, in long term hair reduction and in the absence of any adverse side effects. And has the additional advantages of small size and higher safety.

  1. Light and Heat Energy (LHE™) Technology Review of a Novel Approach to Hair Removal,Krespi YP, MD, St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, NY, USA & Levenberg A, MD, June 2003

Although similar to the one above this whitepaper, however, provides more detailed information about LHE™ technology and how it is applied in hair removal. It explains the issues December 2003 Page 2 of wavelength range, chromophore absorption coefficient, thermal relaxation time, spot size (penetration depth) and hair growth cycle. It presents microscope-enlarged pictures of bleached and singed follicles taken immediately following an LHE pulse. It concludes with the description of the three clinical studies mentioned above. Conclusion:

clinical studies prove delay in hair growth of at least 12 weeks, and long term hair reduction – all in a smaller, more cost effective and safer (no cooling needed) device than the existing alternatives.

Trelles M.A. et al., Hair removal evaluated with a filterless flashlamp-based system: a preliminary study in 10 patients,J Cosmetic & Laser Ther 2003; 5: 15–24 This study is one of the first ones done with SpaTouch™ to assess system efficacy and the length of hair removal effect. 10 patients went through 5 monthly LHE treatments (with the first generation LUA). Biopsy specimens were taken for a histological evaluation.

Histology revealed the destruction of most of the hair shaft, with re-growth of finer and lighter hair approximately 4 weeks after the final treatment. Rate of retardation of hair growth was around 80%. All patients were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with results. System works well on fair and white hair and vellous (unlike lasers)An improvement of skin conditions in the treated area contributed to satisfaction. December 2003 Page 4

Goldberg DJ et al., Hair removal with a combined light/heat based photo-epilation system,J Cutan Laser Ther. 2001 Mar;3(1):3-7 This is the first study done with SpaTouch™ to assess hair removal efficacy and safety. 21 anatomic sites received 1 to 3 treatments, and hair regrowth was evaluated 4 months after the last treatment.

Average hair reduction at 4 months following the last treatment was 27%. Over 60% of patients were either “mildly pleased” or “very pleased” with results. No adverse side effects were observed at the time of follow up. Conclusion:
“The SpaTouch light/heat based photoepilation system represents the newest efficient and safe method in hair removal.”

any comments?

Hey HairyB, I’m in the same boat as you, trying to find something I can use in my own home that will induce a hair free period. How much is this SpaTouch? Have you used laser previously that was unsuccessful for long term reduction? I’m just lookin’ for the cheapest way to get “laser waxing” or a continual hair free period so I don’t have to keep going to a laser tech.


Since our friend “P’TEWY” is not here to be Bulls**t regulator today, I will offer that before anyone flushes $8,000 on this that could have gone to a competent electrologist delivering real lifetime results, go do some reading elsewhere on this site.;f=32;t=000005;f=43;t=000403;f=43;t=000420

chuck this device you can order from
Aske them about used one and i bet they will have something for you. Last time I asked they had one used for 5000 in a very good condition. I would spent this money If I only was sure that it will cuz all hair to fallout. I dont want something that will only cause black hair to fall out and the brown ones will be still growing. I want something like waxing but last longer and it’s less painfull and there isn’t so much irritation afterward. So I dont know. I am doing my research right now and I really dont know If I only knew someone that has this device and could try em on myself yeah…if…
Thanks Walker for response maybe you’r right i dont know see the thing is I dont look for permanency because I know a lot of people failed trying. So something like spatouch could be a blessing…

I looked on the internet about the Spa Touch and there is actually some tech’s using it in the Chicago area so I’ll head up there some time. I’ll tell them I’m interested in paying them to treat me, get a free test spot, and then that will show me if the hair will shed or not.

Does anybody what the lowest frequency or power or what laser’s/IPL’s/Flashlamps cause hair to shed? I haven’t been getting a response in the three boards I’ve been posting in about this issue. It’s as if nobody knows? :fearful:

hey chuck could you give me info about this clinic that ises spatouch. Location, Webside?

I did see a place in Chicago that uses it, but if you want to drive another 2 hours, depending on where you are from, there’s one in the Quad Cities.

Visit Us Online:
1228 East Rusholme • Suite 108 • Davenport, IA 52803
Toll Free: 866-303-2200 • Tel: 563-322-8877

There’s also one in Levittown, PA.

Total Eye Care Centers
1568 Woodbourne Road
Levittown, PA 19057


Just look it up on, you should be able to find one in a city near you.

no chuck im from chicago
Could u give me adress of that clinic in chicago area?