Ready to take the next step, but...still confused

Hi Everyone,

I joined the forum many months ago and learned so much about what to do and not do in regards to my 12 year old daughter’s facial hair issues. We do not pluck and only wax the eyebrows. We have used fine scissors and tried to cut hairs down to the surface. I can not continue to keep this up and am ready to go to laser or electrolysis. Yes, I know electrolysis is the only permanent method, but that laser is quite effective as well. She has dark hair and light skin. She is on an antibiotic and topical cream for mild to moderate acne. Due to her inconsistency in using it, the acne has not completely cleared up and stayed away, maybe if she is consistent with it. Anyway, being so young and under acne prescription meds, does this effect the outcome of laser or electrolysis? Can she have damage to her skin with either treatment? Laser is offered through her dermatologists office, but since I am not too found of her dermatologist, I am not sure I want to use someone from the office.I am not sure how she will stand the discomfort of electrolysis, but would like to try it if I knew someone who was recommended to me. I live in Maryland, near Washington DC.I would love any recommendations for elect. or laser. I also think she would not want to go to school if her face was all red and swollen after a treatment, so I wouldn’t want to use the treatment that causes multiple day redness and swelling. So many criteria. The other choice I have is to keep up with clipping, but I think when the hair grows it causes a break out! It seems to go hand in hand. Also can people go in the sun after treatment of both laser and electrolysis?
Thank you in advance.

Laser probably isn’t the right choice for a female face, as I can’t imagine she has thick, black, dense hair like a man. It can also stimulate hair growth, which you really don’t want. Plus, I just cringe at laser beams on the face anyway.

For really detailed work (sculpting eyebrows) and areas where there are just a few stray hairs electrolysis can’t be beat. Plus there is little risk of damaging skin and no risk of stimulating more hair. It’s guaranteed to be effective (if you find a competent person). I have had $3000 of electrolysis done on my back and it’s been very effective and a load off of my mind.

In either case, she is going to want to get advice from a pharmacist or doctor on the photosensitivity of the skin with respect to the antibiotic in use. Laser might also cause photosensitivity with certain drugs.

You will want to avoid sun exposure with either modality. Sunscreen can help.

Thanks. Since it is her upper lip and tiny hairs on her nose tip, I don’t want to make a bad choice and end up with a permanent scar. I also do not want to stimulate hair growth! The hairs are soft, but dark. I am just not sure if I should wait till she is 17 and keep up with trimming. She never wants to look in mirrors because she does not like how she looks. Thus I have to remind her to take care of herself since I see what she looks like more than herself. The sad thing is she is really pretty, it is just these unwanted hairs that are aggravating. Also I am concerned with the discomfort and after redness. Thanks again for your input.

I have acne too and it seems that where the acne was (it’s going coz of the medicine), the skin opens up and from there is hair, so I was thinking of laser, although it sounds dangerous or more upsetting compared to electrolysis. Now I’m thinking of having electrolysis done, is it a good idea for my skin and should I ask my doctor?

Electrolysis is the Gold Standard of Permanent Hair Removal. If you can find a good practitioner, you can’t do better than well performed electrolysis.

If you are like most Americans, you could use some Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D-3 and drink more water.

Ask your doctor!!! Most doctors have no idea about what good electrolysis care can do for someone, with or without acne. They just don’t know or you may hear inaccurate information that they are parroting based on a small blurb they read in one of their journals using words like “slow”, “tedious”, “costly”, “scarring” to describe electrolysis.

Do your research here and you will be guided in the right direction, then YOU CAN TEACH YOUR DOCTOR because you will be walking, living proof that electrolysis works and satisfies.

I work on acne clients. I work around inflamed areas as needed. The inflamed areas heal and then I work there. All goes well. A professional electrologist will know how to maneuver through rough areas and they will take proper precautions with the probe during treatment.


Thanks for your hope.

I have a private situation, I thought going to the doctors may aid that, can I PM you?

Also, how can I tell when someone has rpelied to my post, as in go to the first unread post in a thread? Because this forum seems different to others. Hence I’m just finding it a bit difficult to understand on here.

I’m on acne meds and do fine with electrolysis. If I was your daughter I would want to start electrolysis ASAP so she doesn’t have to waste time removing hair for the rest of her life.

I need a good place in the UK.

Laser is not an option for your situation. It’s for COARSE DENSE growth such as on bikini or underarms. For facial hair, especially where precision is needed and where it’s not very coarse, you need electrolysis ONLY. There are recommendations in your area for both laser and electrolysis I believe. Run a search here and on the cosmetic enhancements forum.

Sista, run a search for London. You’ll see many posts. Use the Advanced Search feature on the right and expand results to 3-4 years.

Thank you loads!

Ok, sorry I haven’t been on in awhile since I started this. I really appreciate the info. I think communicating with a good person is half the battle. I just don’t know anyone who has had it to recommend a good person to me. What about undeveloped hair systems in a 12 year old. Could she be going through this again later in life anyway due to her young age? Thanks. you guys are great.

She’ll be developing new hair into late 20s. But she can still start now and just get touchups later when new hair pops up.

Run a search for your location. There are probably recommendations from other users here.

I didn’t know that, good to know that it won’t be like starting over. I now have many good facts, I will look for a good person to go to. Thanks.