Reaction to LHR on legs, is this normal?

Is this a normal reaction to laser? This is 24 hrs after 1st treatment. Had to take Tylenol & Benadryl to be able to sleep. 4 days after treatment legs were back to normal. Uploading: 710C5D12-2972-4D50-A9A4-8D0D00ACEFB6.jpeg…


That looks pretty typical, but some people do get hives or welts from treatment. As long as you are not getting blistering, and the redness subsides in a few days, you should be ok. You may want to take benadryl before treatment next time and use an aloe gel or a benadryl cream immediately after.


Ok, thank you! Didn’t know if I had a bad reaction or if it was normal. I get my face, armpits & stomach done and have never experienced this. They were very swollen almost like pregnancy swelling looking