re-waxing after electrolysis

HI all
money is very tight at the moment and can only manage electrolysis on the face at the moment. Had electrolysis on belly area but still needed lots of work on it. If I start waxing that area until I can afford it again to start electrolysis, would I be ruining all the work done by electrolyis already done? obviously I am not comfortable leaving the darker hair on my belly but just looking for a temporary affordable solution. Your thoughts please?

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You’d be making the hair stronger again. I wouldn’t do it. Is shaving an issue? Bleaching?

I would go ahead and wax if that would make you more comfortable until you are able to afford electrolysis on your abdomen. Your face is the priority now. As hairs come in on your abdomen, perhaps you can ask your electrologist to reserve 5 minutes to remove the thickest hairs that emerge. I always sneak in a few minutes at the end of a facial session to grab a few coarse hairs on the abdomen and you’d be surprised how much a little here and a little there can do. The hairs that were affected from past electrolysis treatments are gone anyway, so you are not interfering with past progress. Do you have a lot of hair or is the hair mainly concentrated around and below the navel?

When you are ready to concentrate on your abdomen, then give up waxing and go for it. The hairs that come forth will be anagen hairs. We like those nice moist anagen hairs!

Is it “something” similar to this?

It is dedicated to you, Dee. :wink:

MMMMM! mmm! That anagen hair makes me hungry for a big, fat juicy Ted Turner Bison Burger. (joke, I’m a vegetarian 359.5 days out of a year)

I know you like this damn hair.


thanks every1 for yr commments.