? re: no shedding

I had my first laser tx 4.5 weeks ago. I am fair skinned with brown hair and had underarms, lower legs and brazilian bikini done. I’ve posted before that I’ve noticed NO shedding what-so-ever. At no point did I have any hair-free areas. My hair grew like normal after the treatment. What I do notice is that the hair does seem to be somewhat less dense. Could I have “shedded” immediately after treatment and the hair that grew right afterwards (only a day or so after treatment) be new growth?

I can’t figure this out. If I haven’t noticed any shedding, had hair growth right after treatment, could treatment still have worked? Something had to have happened since the hair is less dense. Also, the treatment was very painful, so I know something was happening. In fact, she asked me if I had a high pain tolerance because she was using very high settings (it was extremely painful – I guess I hid it well!).

Blink888 – any ideas? You’ve graciously helped me out before.

BTW, my next treatment is in 1.5 weeks. Thanks.

What laser were you treated with? If it was an alexandrite like the Apogee or Gentlelase, and if the fluence was sufficiently high, some shedding make take place immediately. Could you smell any hair being singed? Could you hear any hair popping out of the follicles? It would be a zzzip like sound.

If you do in fact have less hair then before, it is possible you could have shed immediately. I have had it happen with alex lasers and a little bit on the beard with the Lyra-i. If your hair is (was) coarse, it makes it more possible that has happened.


The type of laser was Cutera Xeo. I don’t know the settings that were used, although the tech commented she was using higher than normal because when she did my legs, I felt very little pain (OK, the underarms and bikini were a completely different story! I at one point begged her to use a lower setting on bikini). She said the settings were high enough that if used on herself (she’s Asian), it would have burned her. Next time I’m in I’ll know to ask the settings (joules, right? How do you pronounce that?).

I noticed no smell or sounds. My hair is course.

Thanks for your response.