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I have been seeing James for about 16 months, upon meeting him for the first time his office, treatment area and guest apartment which I stayed in including restroom were very clean. Keep in mind the building is probably close to 100 years old so it has a old feeling eg. Narrow halls small kitchen and bedrooms. The bed was comfortable (temperpedic I think) king size with very little room for moving around because of the small room and large bed and a large flat screen tv on the wall. The bathroom was clean other than older fixtures, the towels were not as soft as my towels at home but once you get to know James you find out he is very health conscious and uses all natural products for everything including laundry so the towels are not as soft as mine but they were clean. My stay there was comfortable.
Once you get to know him you find that he has a very big heart and will help everyone he can so he has his hands full and gets pulled in many directions at once, he gave up his guest room to a girl and her two children and gave up the other room to a trans girl who ended up homeless and James moved all of his furniture and belongings into his waiting area so his building is kaios but every time I have been there his treatment room was clean and i’ve been there every 4 to 6 weeks but here is the important thing I have had around 130 hrs of electrolysis with 70,000+ hairs removed and his work is very impressive not one scab not one pock mark, no infections. So to me as long as his treatment room is clean I have no problem with him doing my electrolysis. Plus he will travel to you if that is what you want.
James also helped me pointing me in the right direction, referred me to doctors, even helped me find a place to live in the buffalo area, originally from cleveland. He even took me to local support groups, and introduced me to someone to help with some legal issues. If he can help he does.
In the beginning while having electrolysis he would have someone come in during my session for a few hrs of work but he always finished with me by the time I had to leave and I probably needed a break anyhow , further into my electrolysis I was the one getting a few hrs done in the middle of someones appointment so it all works out.

i saw a few pictures that were posted and i noticed that the picture of the bathroom that was posted was not even the guest bathroom , it was the private bathroom that the people living there were using.
if anyone has any questions i would be glad to answer them
Erika Aeryn

Do we have to harsh this up again, I am going to sound rude but I see a whole massive thred starting up again.

Admin have asked that such posts positive or negative be put to her to be added to the original thred not starting new ones.

I personally think until the court hearing is done or a settlement is made we should keep out of it, not everyone’s treatment is the same and who ever is telling or not telling the truth is for the courts to decide.

PLEASE NO MORE POSTS ON SAID SUBJECT it gets out of hand and is not our place to comment on legal matters.

I dont see anything but a endorsement from a happy client. What exactly is the problem? You dont like that James has happy clients that liked both his work and accomodations?? The man had his reputation repeatedly stepped on by several people here, I think hearing from others who had a different experience is entirely relavent.


My intention is not to get into any arguments here it is to give my personal experiences and observations of the past 16 months, because this is where i originally found him on this site. when a persons reputation and character are attacked that are completely opposite from my personal experiences i feel the need to state my experiences. I am extremely satisfied with the work he did on me and would highly recommend him. This is the last response to this post i am going to submit. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me
Erika Aeryn

I don’t mind at all Seana but the post has spoken about certain pictures which is what I am referring to, I don’t think the poster should be mentioning the case as all but stick with their own review.
I also think like the previous review it should have been put in the previous box and not set up again as a new thred, you have drown yourself into legal matters by discussing such things, by that I mean anyone who gives an opinion as to the previous complains either side of the argument.

I hope that it is deleted or that reference is edited out.

I have no stance on either side of the argument just don’t think our opinions on the previous argument count, no matter if you have had good or bad treatments from him, its irrelevant to said case and should not be discussed any longer.
To be honest and perhaps rude again fed up of hearing about it, it over takes the forum and as previously stated is suppose to be a legal matter.

I think you’re wrong Helen.Though Andrea may opt to move it to the other thread ( which no one but Andrea can post to) This posters words shouldnt be edited.
If you are fed up with reading some things, well, no one is forcing you to read them.