Razor Bumps ?

Hi there,

I’ve only recently starting shaing my head completely. However, Im experiencing what may well be razor bumps. About 2 days after shaving my head clean (with a razor) the surface of my head (particularly the front and and the back) is full of little bumps. There do not appear to be any ingrown hairs. My hair is quite thick, but not curly and my skin is lightly tanned.

The bumps appear to be quite oily. Rubbing the surface of my head seems to help the size and prominence of these bumps to lessen, however, it does leave my head red and irriated. Usually, after a couple of washes (I use T-Gel shampoo), the bumps more or less seem to be gone within a day or so. Are these razor bumps? and what could I use/do to reduce this, Im not sure if the products which I have seen mentioned are sold here in the UK.


They may be razor bumps, but it also sounds as if it may be caused by bacteria in the skin, activated by the shaving. As an experimat, I suggest using Tend Skin or a good astringent beofre and after shaving, to see if that helps. T-Gel helps manage oil production, which along with the bacteria can be problematic.

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