Razor bumps without shaving?

I am a 18 year old male, and I am having so many problems with ingrown hairs, although the only part of my body that I shave is my face. I get ingrown hairs all over my legs, chest, back and arms and it is extremely frustrating. I figure if I let it be, it will be fine, so I do absolutely nothing to my hair. My mom insists it is just acne, but the truth is, I have very little acne, and when I inspect these bumps further, they really are ingrown hairs. I have pretty much come to terms with my body hair, however, these bumps are really upsetting me. People keep asking me “what are those” and it is awfully embarrassing. And the more I get, the more scars I get from them, and the scars turn the skin a lighter color than the rest which makes matters worse for me.

Does anybody else have this problem? Would hair removal surgery help me get rid of this issue? Or is it just simply remedied by using some kind of topical solution and I will be okay. Thanks in advance!

Laser and/or electrolysis can be used to treat PFB, which is what you have.


Thanks, one more question: Do most insurance companies cover Electrolysis or laser for those with PFB?

It depends on your policy, how bad your PFB is, and whether your dermatologist is cool or not.