Razor Bumps are a BIG Problem!

I shave my legs because I don’t like hair on them and I wear pantyhose too. Anyhow I keep getting razor bumps on my thighs and sometimes on my calves too. I tried the Tend Skin last year but didn’t notice any improvement so I sent it back for a Refund. What else can I use or do to stop these pesky things?

Hello. I am wondering if prevention may be the key for you. I find that using a “Venus” blade with “Aveeno” shave gel-to-cream for sensitive skin helps alot. I have alot of reduction of razor bumps. I also like to use a electric razor for above the knee and the Venus below, the electric doesn’t shave as close but is alot gentler on the skin I find. I also spray the thermal water spray (mentioned in previous post)on right after to soothe. And it also helps ALOT if my skin is as smooth and exfolliated as possible because of the courseness of the stubble. I don’t often where pantyhose but I find that the real sheer kind lets my skin breath alittle better and my legs don’t get a rash. I have to shave my legs every day and I spent a lot of money trying different things and I hope I helped you alittle with those tips :grin:

Yeah I use the Venus Razor already. But my question is where can you get the Aveeno Shave Gel? I use the Gillete Shave Gel for Women right now and like it but if this would help then I would use it. So you shave your legs everyday now? Does that help with Razor bumps if you do it more often? I shave mine every 3 days, sometimes 4 but mostly 3 because it gets too long. I shaved last night and the razor bumps weren’t too bad for some reason. I think because I changed the blade for the venus.

Yeah, I shave everyday and I find it helps with the bumps and with dry skin. Also it feels like it is quicker and easier if I do shave everyday. And I only have to change the razor every 3-4 days that way.
The product is called “Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel” for: Sensitive skin, Irritated skin and razor bumps No fragrance added. (Aveeno is made by Johnson and Johnson)
I buy it at any Shoppers Drug Mart here in Ontario or really at any drugstore that carries Aveeno or shave products.
I hope you can find it where you live :smile: Good Luck

I just bought the Aveeno Theureputic Shave Gel at Walgreens. I found it there and was glad. I haven’t used it yet but I will try it when I shave again on Saturday night. Thanks for telling me about this product because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.