Rather shave than use nair

I have been shaving for 27 years and the other night decided to try the nair instead. Well the hair grew back just as fast and the next few days my legs inched horribly. Shaving with a razor gives me the same results and doesn’t irritate the skin or itch. Does anyone else have any reaction to nair or was it because it was the first time I used it and the skin wasn’t used to the harsh chemical? Is your experience with nair better than shaving with a razor? Since I shave every morning, nair can also become expensive. How long does a bottle of lotion last most women?

While some women prefer depilatories, the majority still prefer shaving for the reasons you note-- the chemicals can do a real number on your skin.

And with a bottle of the stuff running $2 to $6 a pop, it adds up fast! Many women also need to buy baby oil and other skin care products, which quickly brings you up to the cost of shaving.