Rather new here - Finally starting school in Monterey

Hi everyone, I have made a few posts here over the last few weeks and my head was spinning. I knew I needed to go and see first hand at a school and let the information help me decide (and calm me the heck down) and last weekend I bit the bullet and drove 900 miles (each way) by myself from Washington state to check out the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. I had hoped to check out all 3 California schools but this window of opportunity only allowed for one.

I was quite impressed with everything I saw and experienced. I could elaborate for hours but what it all boils down to is that I knew this was the place for me.

I spent about 3 hours there total and offered myself up to the students there to practice on. I don’t have much hair so they were a bit disappointed (ha!) but I got to experience electrology first hand and really love the technical aspect… this is going to be right up my alley! I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to start right then and there!

I miraculously found a family in Pacific Grove through an online forum who has graciously opened their home to me while I will be a student there for very little rent ($200 a week). I stayed with them for the weekend as a test run of sorts and their children and dogs just loved all over me and I felt like part of the family. They even helped me figure out the best route to school from their home (so many hills) and when I rented an e-bike to do a practice run they went with me. So many good people in this world! Without this door opening I don’t think I could afford it.

As a mid 40’s wife, mother of 3 who got married very young (age 19) the thought of living so far from home for almost 2 months on my own is anxiety inducing yet brings me a sense of excitement for this impending adventure… something I’ve never experienced before. The weekend down there gave me a small taste and I feel like a kid again!

Just the drive to California all by myself was something I’ve never done alone… always had a spouse, child or friend with me when traveling. I was extremely tired and my butt was sore but I got to do things along my route that I wanted to do such as a bit of astrophotography on a long stretch of highway where there were no lights of any sort at 5 am. A feeling of freedom I have never experienced before. Fully relying on myself. I am very self reliant but pulling one’s self literally away from all family is something different on a whole new level.

After I returned home and spoke with my husband we both realized it would probably be best for me to do the training all in one go instead of flying back and forth one week at a time. This was suggested (almost demanded) by Randa as well and I didn’t realize before how breaking up my training would really set me back and be detrimental to my experience and the learning process. Now it all makes sense.

I spoke to several of my clients (BTW… I am an established Esthetician, 8 years) who knew about what my plans were and the consensus was “just go to school, we’ll be here when you return” (albeit a lot hairier) than usual.

I was worried about leaving my current clients in a bind with their waxing but I found that they really didn’t care. They love me and most have been here well over 5 years (some with me 7 or 8 years) and they really conveyed how happy they are to see me grow. Why was I thinking in my head that some would leave? I think sometimes our own brains are our worst enemy. They are all so very excited for me and they are all happy that when I return they will get to be my first clients.

I think the fact that my first electrology clients will all be regulars makes me less anxious because I already have such a great relationship with them all… like family. I know they will give me great feedback even if it is brutal and they will be patient with me as I get experience under my belt.

I mailed off my application today and am excited for this new chapter in my personal life as well as professional life.

I am excited to now be able to solve issues my clients have with facial hair etc… that waxing was only able to temporarily solve. Waxing still has its place and the 2 modalities can and will compliment each other as there’s no way for my clients to have full body electrolysis done each month. Focusing on an area or two and then waxing the rest will be the best of both worlds and then new areas can be added as areas are fully cleared permanently and finances allow.

I appreciate this forum and have been reading as many posts as I can. I hope to learn well, practice well and become an educator in due time as many of you here have. But for now I start my journey where each of you have… at the very beginning. I am the girl who has always asked 20 questions but it’s not to be annoying it’s about my love of information and learning. Michael Bono, your information here scratches that itch for me in SO many ways and I am so grateful for it.

I also can’t wait to meet you all at various conferences etc… this girl is pretty excited for this whole new world that’s before me and I hope to one day be known for great work and knowledge like so many of you here. One day… but not today…

BTW… I am including a one of the photos I took on my trip on Highway 58 just outside Oakridge, Oregon. I was well off the road in a slow-car turn off area and opened my sunroof and did 30 second exposures with my car turned off. I set a 5 second timer and placed my cell phone flat on the roof of my car. When I saw vehicles approach I would put my foot on the brake so they could see me, which did mess up a few photos but the ones I got were amazing. This photo reminds me that there is SO much in this universe out there that we can’t even see… but it’s there, you just have to find a way to “see” it!


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Congratulations on making a great decision. When you become a student, you can join Electrology International. You just need to present proof positive that you are a student or an electrologist, in order to join. It’s a closed facebook site. The starry night represents all the hair follicles you will see and treat in the future.

Thank you Deedra… I will make sure to join once I am accepted officially. You’re spot on about the stars representing all of the hair follicles… maybe the universe was trying to give me a hint.

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Good luck and good choice. I know Randa well and she is a treasure. You will REALLY learn all there is about electrology. I really need to get up to the school to do a video on Randa and her beautiful school.

It is such an inspiring story. Congrats! I hope you will be satisfied with studying and get the maximum knowledge.

Thanks for the kind words. I have a huge uphill battle in front of me but I’m gonna go for it with all that I have.

Good for you! That’s awesome! And wow what beautiful photo!

Also, I have family living very close to that school in Monterey and I’m originally from California so if you have any questions about Cali stuff, feel free to dm me! :slight_smile: The cool thing is you’ll be near some beautiful beaches so if you wanna go the beach after class or something, they’re nearby. Also, California culture can be a little bit of a shock if you’re not used to it but I’m so glad to hear that your host family was very nice.

Also, I chuckled to myself when you mentioned sore butt because I’m currently living south of Portland and I’ve done the 10 hour drive to central Cali so many times and yeah…the soreness…it definitely happens haha.

Good vibes to you and good luck on your journey! :slight_smile: