I used to get a pro wax monthly on my back. I ultimately stopped because I would get a rash that would last 3-4 days after each procedure. Are there techniques to look for in a waxer that would help out with this problem?

Sorry, I didn’t read the “Lowdown on Pro Waxing” before asking the question.

Still, is 3-4 excessive?

Do you mean little red bumps where the hairs were removed, or a hive-like rash?

Mostly the little bumps. Some of them resemble acne like an ingrown hair.

Many people get these after shaving or waxing, especially in sweaty areas like bikint area or armpits. The bumps can also happen from tight clothes or frompressure like leaning against a desk chair or car seat (especially if you’re hot and sweating a little).

One of the most effective options is Tend Skin, which helps the follicles keep unclogged and helps the dead skin get cleared away. This allows the hair and oil in a follicle to escape.

If you do get these bumps, do not pop them. Let the settle on their own. Often a cotton swab with tend Skin or similar products applied directly to the bump will help clear it up faster.