Rash/How much does waxing cost?

SO I am a man and I had my chest and stomach waxed for the first time On Wednesday Afternoon.

Before I went to the professional who was going to do the job, I called her up and she quoted me $50 for just the chest ( I didn’t mention stomach).

When I got there, I had her wax both stomach and chest.
and it took approxomately 30-40 minutes.

when I was all through, she only charged me $35. She said the price break was because I wasn’t that hairy and because my skin didn’t react that badly.

Immediately after, I was bright red.

It is now thursday night, and my chest and stomach have an itchy rash (hive like). also I have red spots/whiteheads.

my questions are:

  1. is the itchy inflamation normal for the first time someone waxes? if so, how long does it usually last? and should I put anything on it?

  2. are whiteheads normal? If so, how long do they last and what should I put on them?

  3. Did she charge me a ridiculously low amount because she knew she hadn’t really pulled the hairs out…and because she knew the hairs were just breaking at the surface?

thanks for any help