Rash from Epilator

Hello. I’ve used the epilator at least 5 times so far–sporadically over the past 7 months. I have the Philips Satin Ice. I’ve never had any problems other than the ingrown hairs. However, I epilated on Thursday and starting on Friday evening, I have what looks like an allergic rash all over. It itches like poison ivy. I can’t imagine that the epilator has caused this. The only thing I can think of is that I used Azulene oil that came with one of the sugaring waxes I bought. BUT, the rash didn’t appear within the time I put it on which is typical of an allergic reaction. Can someone help me out? I haven’t been near anything to cause this. It’s weird.

Lara :smile:


I am confused, you only used the epilator 5 times in 7 months? I would imaging that the hairs will be long and it would feel exactly like you first time epilating each time you do epilate? I kinda think you would get some irritation since you wait so long between epilatings but nothin like your have. What part(s) irritated?
I use a Optima on all parts of the body and depending on the location I have never gone beyond 2 weeks per use. Routien hair maintenence is crucial to keeping smooth and with routein use is easy and never causes any type of irritation.
After each epilating you need to apply aloe or similar. Everyday you must exfoilate with a natural sponge or similar.
From other people that I have heard that have a Satin, most like them and don’t really have any problems.
I haven’t heard of any body using “zulene oil” but from what I’ve read it’s for your eyebrows and face hair remover. Did you use this oil on body and not just eyebrows like the instructions say?
I hiesitate to recommend on exfoilate and using aloe since you don’t mention where the irratation is and did you use both epilating and the oil on the same place?

I have never had a reaction like this from the epilator or waxing before. I think I must be allergic to the azulene oil. I only epilated my lower legs. I have a blistery rash on my legs that itches and burns like crazy. I’ve been researching this and it doesn’t seem that the epilator has anything to do with it. Thanks for responding. :smile:

Just an update. I went to the doctor because the rash became so bad and my legs were swollen. I found out that I am allergic to Gold Bond lotion. She gave me a shot of prednisone and I have to take a prednisone pack for 6 days along with antibiotics for secondary infection and antihistamines. Moral of the story: When the directions tell you to do a spot test to see if you are allergic, do it! I’ve learned my lesson! The rash is 50% better. :smile:

P.S.Aguila–I didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything to remove the hair on my legs in between epilating. I waxed and shaved also. :smile: