Rash After Cream


Please help me! I tried using Sally Hansen’s Cream Facial Hair Remover and left it on for the directed amount of time. After I tried wiping off the hair on my upper lip it didn’t seem to work so applied more on two spots. It started to burn so I wiped it off. Now I have two big dark red blotches on the two spots where I re-applied. I have put on Aloe Vera but it burns horribly when I apply it! Any suggestions??? The blotches look horrible!


Sorry to hear about your chemical burn. :frowning:

Readers, this shows why it’s very important not to leave depilatory products on too long and to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Reapplying immediately after a treatment is a big no-no. If it didn’t dissolve the hairs in time (a common problem), your hair may be too coarse for a depilatory, or your skin too sensitive.

Do not attempt again for at least a few days after a treatment. And any time you start to feel burning with a depilatory, wash it off IMMEDIATELY and apply baby oil to the area to help neutralize the burn.

anonymous1, your quick removal probably saved you from a much worse burn. Be sure to apply lots of 100% aloe gel (not lotion) with no additives or coolants like menthol. If the skin blisters or scabs or forms a weeping sore, you should consider going to a dermatologist. Even these more serious burns usually resolve themselves well, so red blothiness should clear up much faster.