radio frequency tweezers?

Found this on ebay:

PAINLESS TWEEZE: simple, permanent hair removal NIB
auction #5663609103

Wasn’t sure how legit this was. Just by reading through it all, seems like it might be. But I have to say that I haven’t really done much research yet. So not sure if it’s worth the few dollars. Especially with all these hairs, could take quite awhile.

Have been tweezing/plucking hairs off my neck for years and there are a lot of them growing back daily now and are dark. Skin got irritated (was for awhile) so now I have moved to trimming. Less irritation, but obviously not a perm solution. I tried this wax from Nair and the hairs seem to go away for maybe a week. That and it seems to take or 3 tries and gets most of the hairs.

Electric tweezers do not work. Use the search feature here and take a peak at for more in depth information as this has been discussed a lot. Bottom line if you don’t want to do a search: DO NOT BUY ELECTRIC TWEEZERS. SCAM. Save your time and most importantly, save your money.

Your permanent solution lies definitly with electrolysis or perhaps with laser for hair reduction.


Ya, I just checked that section and your right. They are only selling for $30 with shipping, so didn’t really think it would be permement. Was more or less hoping to have something that will last more than a week and not a huge undertaking.

I saw from the front page electric tweezers section, but somehow it didn’t click.