Radio frequency electrolysis...and One Touch question

Hi, I’ve been doing a lot of research and I gather that radio frequency is a long slow way to go. However, if I were willing to spend the five minutes on each hair required could I actually permenantly remove them? Should it be on “max” mode if so? Would it require multiple treatments? Does anyone know how many (on average)? Can radio frequency have any negative side effects? Is it true that tvs can disrupt the frequency, would the whole house have to have them off?

I have some dark facial hair I’d like to remove but I don’t think I could hold my hand properly to do those on the left side of my face. There are about thirty hairs so it isn’t too many. I figured an hour a day for a week would do it (at least for the first treatment). I don’t have anyone out here who could help me so a partner is out the question.

Regarding One Touch, if a person did have some pitting, bumps, etc is there a fair chance they would eventually disappear?

There is just no way I can afford professional work so its out of the question for me.

I know with the One Touch home electrolysis I’ve read that lye forms at the follicle would this happen with radio frequency electrolysis or only with the needle method using salt water?

If a person wanted to learn how to do the left side of their face (chin and upper lip specifically) is there anything they can do? I’m a female, mixed heritage (read: pale pale skin, dark dark hair) and I just want to be rid of some of them so I can finally stop hiding behind long hair…

Any help at all would be absolutely wonderful. Either way thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it.


PS-I am sorry for so many questions, I just can’t seem to find the answers and I’m rather thrilled I’ve found an active forum…

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Dear Anna:

Most home units sold that actually work are galvanic units. For many reasons, this is the best type of system for the non-professional to use. If you are asking about those “radio frequency tweezers”, save your money. They don’t work. No permanent hair removal will result from use of that type of product. The Galvanic device (such as the One Touch) will also take 5 minutes or more per hair, but will at least have a chance of working, should you use it correctly.

All hair removal requires multiple treatments, not because each hair needs it, but because of the different hairs growing at different times in the same general area of the skin.

If one could get full clearance on an area every time one treated it, and it was treated every time there was hair to treat, then one would most likely be finished in about 9 to 18 months as long as one did not have a situation where the body was recruiting new follicles to grow hair where none grew before. If this is the case, one needs to get help from a doctor in arresting the development of new hairs so that the hair removal process can have a quick end.

Radio Frequency electrolysis that works is called Thermolysis, Short Wave, Diathermy, or Thermocoagulation. When a machine capable of actual thermolysis treatments that works is misused, the results can be scarring, pitting and impaction of hairs in the skin due to improper insertions. This is why most units sold for home use that call themselves Radio Frequency Devices don’t actually work. They would be too dangerous and lawsuit prone for most corporate lawyer’s tastes. Whereas a Diathermy Device must be able to make a well regulated burst of heat reaching 127 degrees Fahrenheit, a Galvanic device needs only to be able to deliver milliampheres of electricity. It is much easier to trust that a person will not leave the trickle charge of electricity going in their body long enough to do serious harm than to sell to the general public a machine that could possibly instantly vaporize the skin.
Your TV should not bother your machine. In fact, your machine would more likely disrupt your radio.

On the point of having no one to help you, I simply can’t believe that you don’t know ANYONE who would help you. After all, if you know ONE other woman in the world, she needs the same help, and should be glad to trade. Although you probably want to keep this a secret from any guy who cares about you, it would be a great point of trust, and a wonderful way of showing just how much the two of you care about each other, and share each other’s trust.

If you think there are 30 hairs, there are probably more like 90 visible, and that would be at least 300 that would need to be treated over the course of 9 to 12 months.

Most skin problems heal in 3 months or less. Anything that stays longer than that is likely to be with you for years if not forever.

If your problem is as insignificant as you make it out to be, you can afford professional work because the cost of a one touch would be about 1/3 the price of doing this to conclusion based on your description.

Thermolysis doesn’t cause any lye formation in the skin. It is only heat caused by the vibration of the radio waves. Hair Removal is only possible if the machine creates enough heat to reach 127 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best resource I have found for learning about these things are reading the site, and the Book THE BLEND METHOD, by Mike Bono

Questions are why this forum exists. Feel free to ask as many as you need. We are happy to have you here, and hope that you will share your treatment experience and results with everyone.


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Glad you found our fuzzy little corner of the web! :wink:

I would reiterate what James said: most if not all home-use devices that use radio frequency are scams. If you are not inserting a metal probe into the follicle, you will not see a permanent result.