Radiancy SpaTouch vs SkinStation

I have seen a few posts here suggesting to avoid the Radiancy SpaTouch in favour of laser treatment. Do those comments also apply to the SkinStation, whose specs seem to be similarly weak?

SkinStation is FDA approved & its an excellent new equipment in the trained hands.Go for skinStation if a dermatologist has it in your country.

As an past FDA consultant, may I mention here that because something is “FDA Approved”, it does not necessarily mean the device is approve for it’s EFFICACY. It generally means it will cause no bodily harm when used properly.

Please read very carefully the Site: ElectrolysisInformation.com before you have any treatment.

SkinStation, SpaTouch these all are equipments. Everyone should note that Ultimately all equipments efficacy & effectiveness is same as One the Laser Medical Text book mentions “It is not equipment but the person gives you results " For LHE equipments I have tried out few persons but I was not having good experience. I was than told to meet Dr. R M Buddhadev in GUJARAT-INDIA. I started using his experience & I found good experience. So meaning thereby FDA Approval with Person who uses both is equally important. Lastly For a person buying Equipments Company who sells it is also important. [color:“blue”] [/color]

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Yes comparable with Lumenis Diode now but with a qualified person only!