Quick question for RCJ2001

Hey there RCJ,
I’ve been informed that you have been involved with the Photogenica Apogee LPIR laser. Just a quick couple of questions about your experience with it. Was it effective for you? (I have quite pale skin and fairly dark hair) Is treatment time for this laser relatively efficient? Do you happen to know how would it compare with the lightsheer diode?
Thanks heaps for your time and expertise RCJ.

I have been treated with both lasers. The first laser that I was treated with was the Apogee and it did work very well. My practitioner replaced the Apogee with the Lightsheer ET. I liked the Lightsheer better because it did better on follow up treatments, where the hair was much finer, than the Apogee did. I liked the cooling system better with the Lightsheer and less post treatment pain and redness with it.

If you can get laser treatments with the Apogee at a reasonable price with a good experienced practitioner I would not hesitate to do it.


Forgot to answer your second question. It took two hours to do my back the first time and one hour to do my chest with the Apogee. Treatment times with the Lightsheer are shorter as it has a faster repetition rate and a bigger spot size. Lighstheer wins that test.