Quick Comments about the site

I thought it would be a good idea if Andrea had a few more mods at the site since she had said she’s only here about once a week. That way some more of the questions asked in the forums could get answered. Also, shygirl’s decision to go to other hair removal forums and try and start trouble is very childish and lame. Are you about 12 years old?

Although it would be nice if Andrea had more official moderators, you should be able to tell by the lack of frequent posts by other professionals, that there is not a legion of people beating down her door for such a designation. Questions would get answered with, or without her if more professionals were willing to sign on, sign in, and post.

I just got back from a badly needed week’s vacation from all that is my regular schedule, and I bet there are posts waiting for me to answer from last week that no other professional has taken the time to reply.

I hear ya, but a knowledgeable person could be designated to be a mod at a particular forum section that they have the knowledge in. I’m not saying the forums should be flooded with mods, but there could be a few more at least.

I am a moderator on another (unrelated) board, with well over 20,000 members, 99.98% males, and very passionate about their particular sport and brand loyal… some of those guys are a handful, until the moderators explain to them the rules, and accepted behaviour… but mostly, they moderate themselves for language and behaviour… we do get trolls (deliberate troublemakers) and personality clashes, but the place is a microcosm of the best and worst of human nature… I read hundreds of post a day some days… I have banned users, reported abusers to the authorities etc…

HairTell would be so easy to moderate in comparison… less members, different profiles of members (more females, plus a lot of people come here a few times, find out what they need to know and then go…) The moderators roles would be to move inappropriate posts to the correct forums, advise people on how to use the board and where to look… and to scan for and remove any advertising or solicitations…

If Andrea needs help, she needs to ask… I think the frequent and knowledgeable contributors are doing a good job, and the other (genuine) members are pretty tame and civil really… You will always get a fool or a troll, or a troublemaker, but I don’t see that on a regular basis…



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Has Andrea been around in the last several weeks?