As I stated before I would like to have hair removed off my face. I have had laser treatments that did nothing. I have been shaving the hair, but I have extremely sensitive skin and now I have razor bumps and rash all throughout my face. It’s really embarassing. I feel like I don’t want to go out anymore. I have posted some pictures of my face. My question is what type of treatment would you suggest? I am thinking of going to Christina Clinic in Minnesota. I’m thinking I’ll probrably need a chemical peel or something too.

Don’t feel bad, I have very similar skin. On the bright side, unlike me, your beard does not appear to be too heavy, and a skilled electrologist like the ones here could get you to first clearance without much problem.

It looks like, aside from the beard area with the PFB bumps, you may have mild acne as well. A dermatologist or your doctor might be able to help you with that.

Until you can have electrolysis, you might want to try a product like Tend Skin which might help with the PFB bumps, if you haven’t already.

Your skin doesn’t look all that bad to me.

Make sure that your Vitamins A, C ,E, and the full spectrum of the B Vitamins are being supplied in theraputic amounts and the difference you see in your skin (and immune system) will be fantastic.

Based on your pictures, full clearance of all the hairs on your face should be something you can get done in a short time. I know that I could do it in less than a days work, but I don’t know what you can expect where you are.

I expect you will be happily in maintenance phase in no time.

What I see is common and average hair amounts from my side of the fence. It’s all very unintimidating to me. I agree with James, a first full clearance can be obtained for all areas if the electrologist you choose has the proper setup and uses thermolysis (MicroFlash or PicoFlash) for most of the work. Be sad no more once you get settled with a skilled electrologist. Do a thorough search in your area.

Welll…I have a appointment this week to meet with someone. Hopefully it goes well.

So today I went for my consult at Christina Clinic. The women that I spoke to has been doing this for 20 years or so. She recommended that for the chin area I do 30 min appointments which will cost me about 45 dollars. She also recommended that I come weekly the first few times. She also mentioned something about the meds that I take for ezcema and my inhaler may be the cause of my hair growth and I should check on that. Have you ever heard of this?

I went in for my first appointment. The electrologist has said that it would take me two to three years for my chin to be cleared. That seems like awhile, but I suppose I am willing to do that. She is going to be using the blend method. Question for James: Why would I need to be concerned about my vitamins? Will that help me in preventing scarring and with my acne? I know you mentioned a book on here before about what to avoid to prevent further hair growth.

Most people would never have Acne if they had enough water, vitamin A and vitamin C in their lives. All prescription meds have side effects, and many of them have increased hair growth in new places as one of those side effects. Insulin resistance also leads to new hair springing forth.

Too bad I can’t clear you out. I could have you bare faced for the first time in a day or 3.

I notice you never mention zinc. I had acne for most of my life and finally 1 year ago I discovered I have a genetic defect thar causes me to lose zinc and b6 all the time and was responsible for every health issue I ever had including repetitive strain injury which as an elecrologist was disastrous. Happily I am all better now. It is called pyroluria and I imagine you would be interested. Leads to very poor healing when undergoing stress which with this disorder is almost always.

The reason why I don’t usually mention zinc in discussion of acne is because it is a trace mineral and most people get enough dietary zinc. Anyone who eats two servings of beef a day (or one typical restaurant portion) gets about 12mg to 15mg per day. One could also get that amount from 12 ounces of almonds or cashews (now you know why you eat the whole bowl of nuts, every time).

Outside of people with a condition like yours, only vegetarians and anorexics would tend to have need for supplemental zinc.

Of course, if one has diarrhea, ulcerative condition, or lives in a cold climate, one could be in need of extra zinc. If one is eating a certain way, one can either reduce the bioavailability of the zinc one does get (and thus increase the amount needed to make normal use of it.

I do thank you for bringing it up, however, as there are in fact some people whose acne problem would be zinc based, and nothing more, just as we often see people whose unwanted hair problem is based solely on their use of artificial sweeteners, and the side effects from that chemical reaction inside the body (IE; Hormonal Imbalance, insulin resistence).

Many people these days due to factors such as taking the contraceptive pill tend to have high copper levels. High copper levels deplete zinc levels and are sometimes responsible for anxiety and insomnia. My MD tells me that normal zinc levels are in fact not common and even though most of us consume plenty, copper antagonises it. The imbalance this creates in the body is the problem not so much the deficiency. Have you ever had hair analysis. It is very interesting.

OK, the situation you outline is typical of many things. It is like Iron. technically speaking, no one should need supplemental iron, but the fact is that many people have so little vitamin E and C in their diets, that they can’t use the iron they have, and/or they have some other factor antagonizing the intake of iron they do get, thus reducing the bio-availability.