I’ve just purchased the Emjoi Optima (with dual tweezers) to remove hair from my legs, arms, stomach, and chest areas. However, I’ve read horror stories about people that have used rotary epilators and developed a gross stubble; not one you can necessarily feel, but one that is very noticeable and unsightly, like that of what you would see on a man’s face after shaving, or even darker. I’ve also read that rotary epilators have given some people results similar to sugaring or waxing. I used a sugaring kit in the past (two or three times in total, but months apart inbetween applications) and achieved satisfactory results: smooth skin, a reduced rate of growth (as compared to depilatories), and none of that stubble.

Therefore, can I expect similar results from a rotary epilator if sugaring worked for me? The sugaring process was too messy, so I figured this product would be a more satisfactory solution to my hair problem.

Sugaring may have caused the hair on my arms to grow back thicker and darker; though I can’t be sure and it may have just been my imagination. I’m in the throws of puberty (seventeen and male), so I figured that might have contributed to that problem. With prolonged use, will a rotary epilator cause my hair to grow back more fine and less noticeable? If not, is it because I’m still pubescent? I could stand the hair not growing back thinner (while still going through puberty) if, at least, it would remain unnoticeable (as with sugaring) for a longer time, as opposed to having used a depilatory; which only gives me a day, at most, of relief.

I’ve never exfoliated before. Is it important to do so before (or after) each use of a rotary epilator and, if so, which method is preferred? Would simply washing with my regular pump soap and a loofah suffice?

I apologize for asking so many questions. :frowning: Any feedback is greatly appreciated, though. Thank you!