Questions to ask when choosing a practitioner

I have a longer list here:

but this is a good overview put together by lagirl.

Questions to the person who would perform the treatment:

  1. What are your education, training, and any professional affiliations as it relates to laser hair removal and any other types of hair removal (ex. Electrolysis)?

  2. How many years of experience do you have with the device to be used?

  3. How many clients treated with this device?

  4. How many clients do you treat with my skin tone and hair color and what are the typical results?

  5. What kind of pain can I expect?

  6. What do you use for patients who find it uncomfortable?

  7. Do you write prescriptions for EMLA anesthetic cream or painkillers?

  8. What is the brand of device and manufacturer device that you will be using on me? (ex. Alexandrite, Diode, Nd:YAG, Ruby, IPL/Flash lamp)

  9. Is this device cleared by FDA for permanent hair reduction?

  10. How long have you been using this specific the device?

  11. Is this the best device for my skin tone and hair color?

  12. Why do you use this one versus the other devices available on the market?

  13. What are the benefits for me versus the other devices available?

  14. What sort of skin cooling do you use during treatment?

  15. What side effects have you seen using this device and how long did they last (best/worst case)?

  16. What percentage of clients has had those side effects?

  17. Can you provide any contact information of clients who are pleased with results and possibly have not had treatments in over 1 year (especially with my same sex, skin tone, hair color, and area treated)?

  18. What kind of results can I expect on this particular area in my case and in approximately how many treatments?

  19. Do you offer any guarantees that my treatment will result in permanent hair reduction?

  20. What happens if I don’t achieve the results you indicated? What is your policy on this and can I have it in writing?

  21. Do you offer discounts for buying treatments in a package? If so, does your policy allow for a refund of any unused portion of all treatments are not completed for any reason (if this depends on the reason, please explain and provide it in writing)?

  22. What percentage of your clients doesn’t respond to treatment or are not satisfied with results?

  23. What is your policy in the case of client dissatisfaction?

  24. If I still have hairs after I complete the number of treatments you recommend, what is your policy?

  25. If I have a change in skin tone or a burn from treatment, what is your policy?