Questions to ask in first consultation


Dear James Walker,

I took your advice and have decided to go with Mary Federico in Cleveland. She was out of town for a whole week and has a very packed schedule + said she’s been doing it for 25 yrs and is very good!

Anyway, can you suggest what questions to ask her during my first appointment? Its on Tuesday April 15th, and she is ready to start off right away if I want. Also, I will be going to her in the afternoon, so can I come back to work looking okay? Or do I need to take the rest of the day off? Will all the hair be gone immediately after treatment and make me look different when I get back to work?

As far as cost goes, what is typical? Do all of you guys charge on an hourly basis? Or does it depend on body area worked upon? What do you charge? I didn’t ask Mary what she charges and can’t get a hold of here anymore - so I will have to go there and pay whatever I get quoted :frowning:

Finally, I need the following worked on:

  • middle of eyebrows that are joining up
  • outer ear and ear lobe
  • lower back of head/upper back of neck (I have some fuzz for which I have to keep getting a haircut, even though it is not normal hair).
  • partial beard

Can you suggest what sort of time frame I am looking at here? i.e., how many treatments will I need to get permanent hair removal in these areas? Mary only had a half hour opening on Tuesday, but I could get in another half hour slot later in the day. Will this be necessary/better?

What about scarring and skin reactions - I have very sensitive skin - a babyface and baby skin really, although all the hair makes it look like a baby gorilla face. Is there a specific type of electrolysis that is most appropriate for me?

Sorry about the long e-mail and I would be extremely grateful if you reply in detail. Anyone else please also feel free to comment.
FYI - I have very light brownish skin with dark black hair.

Thanks again for your prior help James, and I hope you read this before Tuesday April 15th!

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Mary will be better able to answer your questions when she meets you. I have not seen you, and don’t know what your hair looks like.

I will tell you however, that you should be able to return to work without anyone taking notice. Other than your eyebrow work, nothing would be visable to the casual observer anyway.

For consultation information a great source is

Most electrologists charge by the hour, some give discounts for pre-payments of blocks of time. You should be able to get all the things you want done as you can get appointments long enough to clear the area fully in each appointment. The quickest, most cost effective treatment starts with either long appointments in the beginning, or frequent appointments in the beginning. In the end, it will be short appointments spread far, far apart.