questions on lasering, referrals appreciated!


hi everyone,
I already posted this message in the electrolysis forum, but since I am trying to decide betwen that and lasering, and want referrals for both, I am also posting here. :smile:
I am new to the forum and was hoping I could benefit from your advice. I am asian, I have fair skin that freckles like crazy, and which is very very sensitive.
I am interested in getting electrolysis done, or lasering my face. I don’t think I’ve read anyone else with this problem- but can I just say, I have sideburns. This drives me crazy. :smile:
I had heard that asian skin can be particularly sensitive to electrolysis and possibly more likely to scar.
Does anyone know just how much more at risk having freckly asian skin makes me, and is lasering then a safer option?
Also- does anyone have recommendations about a really good electrologist (or laser hair removal) place in the santa monica/ west LA area?

thanks a lot,


I am not aware of any information indicating Asian skin is more prone to scarring from electrolysis, although the darker your skin, the more likely you’ll see side effects from that or laser. I suggest a test patch away from the face before doing face work, just to be safe.