questions for james

Hi James. Ok, I have been posting on the site for a while now… scattered questions here and there. I have been getting mixed answers and things that I am not sure of. So I want you to give it to me straight.

1.) I am getting electrolysis done on my upper lip, chin, and neck. My tech used thermolysis with one probe… one hair at a time. I can always feel the hair being pulled out. I heard this is bad and that they should just slide out. What do I do? How should the experience really feel? Should I ask her to use a different type of electrolysis?

2.) I have little pitting scars above my lip. Will these lessen with time?

3.) Is there a faster way of completing clearance. I know that electrology is supposed to be time consuming. However, for me it is going really really slow. I have heard that blend may be quicker and less painful. Am I right? Can that be done on the face?

4.) What kinds of questions do you ask an electrolygist on consultation? I have thought about seeing a new one.

5.) I am having laser done on my legs, bikini, and underarms, which are all black hairs (light skin). However, I am also getting it done on my abdomen and fingers where the hair is finer and brown. How well do you expect it to work in those 2 areas? Should I ask her to up the settings for those areas. I am thinking about doing my arms too, which is brown hair.

Thank you much for your time James!

The answers to all your questions are already in the forum if you read through the electrolysis section, or do a search on some key words.

Thermolysis is faster for cosmetic clearance, and in the right hands, worked on the correct schedule, can get to fully finished faster than anything else. Blend is more certain to kill a hair on the first treatment, but the difference between the results of a highly skilled thermologist and blender is really little to none.

Pitting and scars do lessen with time, it is hard to say if they will fully go away. Any person who gets to take a good look at my famous client Tina Marie will be able to see the difference between the work done by someone else on her upper lip prior to her friends brow beating her into coming to me, and the rest of her face and neck. Although the difference has mellowed over the years, there is still a difference that someone who gets to see her up close without makeup would notice.

Getting to full first clearance ASAP and moving to maintenance is the fastest route from Bear to Bare, however some practitioners are not comfortable doing this, not skilled how to do this, and then there are those who are just unwilling to do this. Either way, if they won’t do it for you, the result is the same.

We have so many posts on how to choose an electrologist, and the sister site has a whole page on it. Go there. Of course, nothing an electrologist says is a substitute for testing their actual work. Some of the best technical practitioners operate out of the basement of their house, with no ads in the paper, nor listing in the phone directory, while working with equipment that was already old when I started training. There is no magic bullet here, so I wish you luck in your search.

And finally, please don’t ask me to direct you what to do with Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. My opinion is that the possible negatives outweigh the positives, and so I don’t recommend any one get it, and I only see it as being useful as a cosmetic headstart on a large treatment goal. I have type IV skin and still have damage from the “we will prove to you how good LASER is” treatments I got from well meaning highly skilled people who knew what they were doing, and how public I could make any mistake they made. I also know other people who have the same story right down to people with type I and II skin… Oh and that doesn’t even go into the guy I knew who was a big shot at MicroSoft, and had type V skin, and paid thousands and thousands of dollars and endured looking like Freddie Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street, and still didn’t get permanent hair removal for all the months he spent with people throwing up when he walked by the food court.

Oh, sorry. I may have said to much…

What I meant to say was, "Go to the LASER forum and ask people like LAgirl, Barrester, and other LASER proponents that question. I just don’t know of anyone who wanted more than reduction who got to do nothing but LASER from start to completion, and I don’t know anyone who got satisfaction from 3 treatments, like some advertise you will.

Thanks you James.

You are very welcome