Questions for James Walker and anyone who could help


I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind helping out a little ;o)

First is on legs…I saw on another thread that you can clear both in about 3 hours…Wow! Wish I lived close by you. I am getting ready to start on mine and was wondering what kind of schedule I would be looking at. You mentioned that you give clients a schedule when they work with you.

Also how long, generally, do you work with a client before the results become noticable? Is it specific by area? I ask because I have been getting my eyebrows and bikini line done (I have been going once a week skipping only once when my electrolgist was ill) and have not really seen any difference. Maybe I am getting discouraged to easily?

I have just been a little concerned because on this board I have read that you should never feel the hair being pulled out, yet many times I do. When I asked my electrologist she said that my follicles were very narrow and that it makes it difficult pulling the hair out "skinning"? it in the process. Is this normal or should I look into a second opinion?

Please help…I don’t mind investing the money (it is well worth it) I just don’t want to throw it away either.

Without seeing you, it is impossible for me to know what your personal situation is, however, most people would easily see the difference if they had a before during and after picture to compare.

My average leg client would see bare legs the first or second time we met, and would start to notice a difference in how much hair was growing in a short time IF one had an accurate measure of how much hair is actually growing at any given time.

If you are clearing all the area each and every time you go in, you should be getting noticeable results even on how much growth you have to work on, and your appointment times should be shrinking.

Although there is a bit of a “popping” of the “hair root” upon extraction, if the treatment energy is set just right, and treats only the lower half of the follicle without much energy reaching the upper layers of skin, you should never feel what you feel when you pull a hair out yourself. You should never feel the hair stretching or breaking either.

I don’t doubt that you would benefit from seeing other electrologists in your area, as in the best case situation, you confirm that you have the best one in your area. In the worst case situation, you find out that someone else in your area is better and will be able to give you better results in a shorter amount of time AND you start going to them from now on.

Either way you win.