Questions during Consultation?

I’m going in for a consultation later today for lightshear laser treatment. What questions do I need to ask? Any help would be appreciated!!

Are you formally trained? Training Certificate?
How long in business?
How many clients do they average?
How successful is the laser equipment? Testimonies?
Cost based per session, per pulse?
Numbing cream recommended?
Equipment maintained and recalibrated regularly?
Power level used? That is, 30 to 40 joules is most common for type I-III skin. (I was treated at 13 Joules with a Gentlelase and there was no reduction in hair, hardly felt a thing.)

I met with someone (not the RN-they have 3)who explained the process/procedure. They recently purchased the most up-to-date light shear laser. All three nurses are certified on the equipment and have been in the business from 2-5 years. She said I would need between 5-7 treatments on my back region. She used the figure of 90% permanent reduction which I thought was pretty high? She stated that the procedure would take an “hour” to do my entire back. I can purchase a package of 5 hours for $1600 or 10 hours for $3000. On the 5 hour package I’d be looking at 5 treatments at roughly $300 a treatment. That sounds good to me, but is 1 hour enough time to effectively treat an entire back region? The numbing cream they recommended was topicaine which they sell for $80. As far as power level she stated that would be to my tolerance.

Good deal? Comments? Concerns?