questions concerning laser and electrolosis

I am a 20 year old female, and have been waxing, plucking, and bleaching un-wanted facial hair for a couple of years. My question is, which treatment is better? or is there a treatment that is better. also, I have a small mole on the side of my face that also has hair growing out of it, can i use these treatments on this mole to get ride of the hair that is in it? I know that i cannot pluck the hair from the mole, but i don’t know if I can use these treatments to get ride of this hair. If anyone knows the anser to my questions that would be very helpful. Thanx

Hi Newcomer-- electrolysis and laser each have benefits and drawbacks. In both cases, practitioner skill is extremely important.

You will need to speak with a doctor about removing hair in a mole. Some moles can have unwanted changes from electrolysis or laser, including mutations, so check with a pro before treating a mole. Having said that, I had hair removed from a mole with electrolysis without incident, but I watch it carefully and have it checked every time I see the doctor.

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