Questions before laser

Hi all,

I would like to start laser for a Brazilian preferably on the gentlelase. Can anyone give me advice on spot tests? How long do you wait after a spot test to begin treatment. The place I called said you can do spot test and then the whole treatment on the same day. I was assuming a spot test is to see how your skin reacts later on, no? I appreciate all advice. This is the same place a cousin has traeted her entire body, including Brazilian.


It depends on your skin type actually. I’ll show you:

If you’re a type I-III, Gentlelase recommends a few minutes. If you’re darker, they recommend weeks.

Hey Brenton!

Thanks for the info! I was starting to worry about the place because I thought they wanted to start treatment same day as consultation without waiting appropriately to see reactions. I believe I would be Closer to a III than a IV, I have dark brown hair, burn easily and pale legs lol. My bikini area has mostly darker/black hair. Only reason I even considered myself as a possible IV is that it says Mediterranean, but I’m on the lighter/paler skinned side of my European ethnicity.

I suggest you wait for at least a week.

Thanks, I thought that’s what I was supposed to do until I saw the gentlelase chart Brenton linked.