Questions about Veet, Sally Hansen and Revitol

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone here has used any hair removing lotions by Veet, Sally Hansen and one called Revitol?? I wanted to see what you all think?? THe only hair removal product that I have really used in my life is Nair and it has worked ok for me. I have used Nair for many years, but the thing is… the hair always grows back VERY quickly. I was wondering if the hair removing lotion from Veet, Sally Hansen and Revitol will have longer lasting effects?? I get sick of using Nair all of the time since it takes a lot of work due to the hairs growing back right the next day. Are there any products that can really make our hair softer and finer like baby hair? I mean I know that we can’t get permanent hair removal with these products; however, do they at least produce lasting results and make our hair thinner and finer?? Thanks!

All these products are depilatories, so they all work the same way. They basically disolve the hair above the skin’s surface, i.e. it’s the same thing as shaving. They leave the root intact, which continuese growing the hair after you have cut it above the skin’s surface.

There is no magic solution that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the options are still the same. Temporary methods keep the hair either the same or make it more coarse in some cases on some areas. Permanent methods kill the hair (or some of the hair if you have less than the needed amount of treatments to remove it all). Vaniqa slows down the growth, but it needs to be used with a temporary method and considering how expensive it is, it’s cheaper to get permanent removal. Waxing is an option that lasts longer since it removes the root.

I guess the question is how important this is to you and how much you’re willing to invest (in both time and money) to make hair less of a problem for you.

Yea, I think one day when I have the money, I may just go electrolysis or something because I know that that may be the only way to go since I am sick of having to use these products all of the time. It takes a lot of time and money too. Vaniqa is also not an OTC method, but we need a prescription for it. The funny thing is, after I have used Nair for many many years, it has made many parts of my legs hair free… However, there are still some parts that continuously have hair growing back but only in certain areas. Like I have said in my other post, I am not that hairy at all. There are just some minor areas with some hair that bother me and make me feel a lot less confident about myself… I guess there are only 2 real options which are electrolysis or laser removal… sigh…

Nair doesn’t make your hair not grow back. Legs just tend to lose hair naturally with age. Nair is not any different than shaving. If you’re not removing hair with the root, you’re not affected the hair structure in any way.

What areas bother you most? What type of hair do you have there, i.e. coarse, dark, fine, dense?

Yea, I think that is true because my mom never used anything but has no hair on her legs at all.But then again, I am not that old… I don’t really have hair any other areas that really bother me. My underarm hairs are dark, my upper lip hair are pretty fine, my breast, stomach and lower region hairs are dark and somewhat coarse but not really. They are definately not dense at all. They are just some hairs that grow but not in big bushes. It is mainly my armpit hairs that grow in bigger bushes but that’s it. The hairs on my legs are dark but there isn’t a lot. However, it still bothers me… I guess if I had to pick hairs that bother me most, it would definately be my upper lip, underarms, stomach and breast hairs… I think it also varies from person to person as well. For example, my cousin and my sister in law never really shaved their legs but never had much hair at all. I think the amount of body hair, how we react to certain products,etc… all vary from person to person too.

You might want to consider laser on your underarms. It’s actually very cheap and easy. I had it done and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Treatments only cost $50-100 each and you will need around 5-6 spaced 2-3 months apart (so over 1.5 yrs). I only had 5 and it removed 95% of the hair completely. It cost me $500 total. Laser works best on dark coarse hair, so this area will respond great (given you do your research on the right machine and settings to use and go to someone good).

For the other hair, you would need elecrolysis. It costs around $60 per hour and removes 5-10 hairs per minute. It sounds like you don’t have a lot of hair on the areas where you’d need it, so it really wouldn’t be that expensive either. I had the same situation with my upper lip and it took around 8-10 ten-minute electrolysis treatments to get rid of it permanently. So the cost was under $300 total for that.

Basically, I don’t think these costs are that high given what you’re paying now for temporary methods and various gimmicks that don’t work.

Thanks for all of your info! Does laser hurt?? Yea, one day when I work and have the money(I am still a student)then I will probably get laser for my underarm hairs because they are a pain. I will definately research and oome here from advice before I do go and get that done. Who did you go to?

How was electrolysis? I am really scared of the pain. I don’t think it would cost me that much compared to most people since I honestly don’t have that much hair. It’s just that I am very self conscious about myself and want to look my best if I ever got married and all.

I agree with you about cost because if we add up the total of what we are spending on all of the creams, wax, gel,etc… to remove the hairs, in the long run it will add up to more than the cost of these permanent treatments. But for now, since I am broke student, I have to settle for these temporary methods because that is all that I can afford…

I got laser done my first year out of college, i.e. as soon as I had a steady income from a good job :slight_smile: Before that, I regularly waxed my underarms and bikini and bleached everything else.

Yes, laser hurts. However, each underarm takes only 1-2 mins to do. So it’s really not that big of a deal once every 3 months. Totally worth it. There are also numbing creams available if you really can’t handle it. But most people don’t use it because it’s not that big of a deal on such a small area and because it’s over so quickly. Who I went to may not help you if you’re not in the same city and same skin type as me. Just read the FAQs and ask questions on the laser portion of this forum when you’re ready to get started. Machines and clinics vary a lot, so you’ll need to do some research first.

Electrolysis doesn’t hurt as much as laser, but it removes hair one by one, so it takes longer per session. Numbing cream is also available. And if someone is experienced and is using one of the newer computerized machines, it barely hurts. I’ve had hour-long sessions without problems.