Questions about using 72-tweezer epilator

Hola mi amigos,

Recently I bought the Emogi 72-tweezer Epilator (in red) so I could keep it smooth for the ladies in a variety of areas where I have some rather coarse and dense hair. I decided on this one over the male-specific emogi because the head on the female one looked more amenable as it relates to bony areas (like solar plexus/ sternum).

Anyway, so I recently tried using it for the first time on some of the quasi-downy hairs on my abdominal areas. I put it on the lower setting because the noise was so intimidating. It did a pretty good job, but I could only take the sensation for a few seconds before I had to stop. I got about 5% of the area I had hoped to - I woulndn’t call it ‘painful’, though it’s possible my hairs are not rooted that deeply - but it is just such an unusual, foreign, unnerving sensation that it will really take some getting used to.

Anyway, the big concern for me was that it appeared that small pricks of blood were forming, as though my skin had been pricked. I reckon it was just irritated, but I decided to stop because I didn’t want to ruin my brand-new epilator.

Should I immediately stop when I see this happening or is it okay to keep going? It happened on my chest too when I tried it out there.

Secondly, is there a ‘best’ way to exfoliate following epilation?

Is there a preferred way to use an epilator such as this (maybe in short quick strokes).

Can the hair clog the rotation of the device - especially if some of the hair being pulled is 1.5 inches long (I apologize for any disturbing visuals).

Lastly, I’ve read a bunch of frightening stories on here about ingrown hairs and other such things…is this representative of most people’s experience with epilators? (especially for male body hair).

Oh goodie! The red color is perfect to set the mood as you epilate! I’m certain it makes it more effective, and is designed to blend in with those lovely blood spots

Blood spots? As in seeping from seeping blood exiting the hair follicle from which a hair was just forcefully removed from its blood supplying capillaries? Nah dont worry about that I’m sure it’s just to provide extra lubrication. Just keep going I’m certain it’s okay.

For exfoliating afterwards, nothing beats a good 80 grit wet dry sandpaper for effectiveness!

I’m certain the instructions covered it’s use, but for best results long excruciating strokes removing as much hair as you can at one time is certainly the bet way to go.No pain no gain right?

I dont think clogging of the epilator should happen with all that blood and sweat lubricating things.

IF you are a devout masochist, with no regard for looking like a plucked chicken recently involved in a round of cockfighting, then an epilator is for you !

Or, if common sense has reared it’s ugly head, you might consider that such devices are thrown out by the thousand, because they damage the skin and are excruciatingly painful and that pulling hair out by the root by any method, will coursen hair and have no permanent hair removal. Vellus hairs too, will coursen and stand out more.


Dude, male chest and abdomen hair has NO business being plucked, by any means. It is just too coarse.

Laser is a wild card.

For a permanent solution, you might want to consider electrolysis for selective reduction, or for going completely smooth. Electrolysis can achieve either of these.

What she said… LOL.

I tried an epilator, despite the warnings about the pain. I’m a guy, so I had no one to explain to me in a personal way how painful and how bloody it was. The only areas I managed to treat was my knuckles at the base of my fingers, and my feet. Everything else was too painful. It did look smooth after a couple of days when the irritation died down, but trust me its not worth it.

Long hairs will probably not work well, since they will tear instead of being ripped out… that was my experience. But… please, just don’t do it.

ha ha … awesome post Seana!

Not much else to add, except … “Don’t do it honey!”

I’m including clips from this nice young man in my next video … on tweezing (waxing and those horrible machines). Watch this whole video if you dare. YES … follicles bleed because you tear out the skin! Seriously, you could hold up a bank with one of those “epilators!”

I really don’t remember drawing any blood with any of the epilators I ever owned which has been quite a few from Epilady on up. Never take an epilator to hair longer than a half inch, since you will just tear it in half and only partially out of the skin, which aids in getting ingrowns, which I have seen uncounted numbers of times through the years. Then the unsightly marks on my chest from them and arms. Emjoi, sorry hate to say that one is junk. After a few months the 2nd head stops rotating. Hair gets stuck in that thing and is a pain to pull apart and clean it. Real fun putting it back together! Was also the last straw that is making me seek a more permanent method.
I am using a Flash N Go and on the 2nd 120k. Every single area from mustache to toe has been flashed numerous times. 80% there, but doubting I will hit 100% ever. Til I get a better job or a reasonable permanent hair removal device, I am going to keep going.

Believe me, permanent is the way to go since there are just way too many skin irritations from epilating, depilatories and waxing. Best to do it right. If I had the money, I would have done electrolysis back in my 20’s. Takes way too long with epilators and to be honest the only best one I ever owned was Braun’s Silk-Epil 7 Wet/Dry rechargeable. Other than that all lasted about 2 months before gears just broke and were totally useless. Better to just save the money up and get it done permanently. I have been foolish and too much in a rush. I wish I would have done what I am saying!!!

El Guapo, you probably know this already but the Emjoi 72 tweezer is one of the highest number of tweezers available on the market. What this means is that every time you run the epilator on your skin, it pulls out far more hairs with each pass than any other epilator. The number of tweezers is considered a great feature, but the big downside can be that in an area with a lot of coarse hair, it is pulling that many more hairs with each pass. More hairs getting yanked = more pain… likely more than if you were to wax the same area. Is there a reason you went with the emjoi 72 instead of an epilator with less tweezers?

I’d recommend using the emjoi in areas with less hair. I wouldn’t recommend it for coarse dense hair unless you can put up with a lot of discomfort. I imagine these hairs are curlier naturally and likely hard to get all in 1 pass. You’re possibly breaking some and yanking out some. The ones that are breaking could regrow ingrown.

As for exfoliating, I’d wait 1 day or 2 before exfoliating with a loofah while in the shower. And then continue to exfoliate the area every 2-3 days to help with the new hairs growing in.

The tiny drops of blood tend to show up with very coarse hair. The follicles of coarse hair can be pretty big. And if you have been shaving the area, it is possible the hair follicle has gotten bigger over time. If you stick to epilating or waxing, where you are ripping the hair out from the roots, you should notice that when the new hairs grow in, you don’t see blood when those get yanked out.

I hope that helps!

Have you epilated before or is this your first epilator ever?

I have been epilating for a month so far. I did my legs and bikini area and more. I gave up on the big thick hair and went back to shaving. I do love the epilator on my legs. I epilated every few days the first month, I ended up with a lot of red pimple type spots, not ingrown, I think I just was doing it to often. This last time I waited a week and I would say things are lots better. I didn’t really think it was painful doing my legs, but everything else was trying. Underarms hurt a little more, but not as much as below the bellybutton. My epilator only has 21 tweezers, so it takes a while to do my legs. I exfoliate every morning in the shower, and use lotion for a day or two, after epilating. I think my legs will be smoother in a few more weeks, by then most of my leg hair will have been removed at least once.

It’s nice reading about a positive experience with epilators, a lot of people blame them for a lot of things as if they’re the worst torture devices on the planet.
I agree that electrolysis sounds great and it is great but not everyone has the money or the possibility of going to a good electrologist in the area where they live.
For the bikini area I definitely recommend a few waxing sessions at a beauty salon to get used to the whole very painful experience until you attempt using an epilator on such sensitive areas that have also coarse stubborn hairs. If you want to upgrade to a faster model in the future, I recommend the Braun 5280.