Questions about payment and other stuff. Please Help.

How do you pay? Do you pay upfront or how was it handled? What was the method of payment?

What kind of information did you have to give them? For example, if i go to a barber, all i need to do is give him money, but if i go to a dentist i need to tell them my insurance or whatever, and i don’t deal with that. I live with my parents and they always handle that type of information, but if i do this i would want to do it without telling anyone.

The determining factor, is what kind of paperwork you need to do and what kind of records are kept. So please tell me your experience. Thanks.

Hello there,

You can pay cash upfront but make sure to get a receipt. Cash is always accepted, some places prefer cash…

Usually you have to fill out a form like you would at the dentist that includes information needed for treatment, and other personal information in case the practitioner needs to co-ordinate anything with your doctors.

Just leave blank anything you don’t want to answer, and if they still take you, fine, if not, I guess you need to fill the full form out.

Your confidentiallity is supposed to be assured with any information given to your hair removal professional.

I don’t know if this is appropriate or not.

I thought maybe your nickname implied that you live in Phoenix AZ. I do and I have been hired by a spa in which I will be performing laser hair removal. To ‘test-out’- I need to find people to perform hair removal and other treatments on. They won’t be charged and they will be monitored. I was just trying to find people who would really be interested instead of talking my neighbors and family into it.

The place I went too for both laser and electrolysis hair removal was run by a medical doctor and staffed by RN nurses. It was required for all perspective clients to fill out in complete detail a medical history and a list of any current medications. This was done so the doctor could predict or detect any possible complications that could arrise from the prescribed treatments. In Canada we have federal privacy laws regarding collection of medical information. Frankly I was very happy to provide the required information knowing it was for my own safety.

All treatments where paid in full following the treatment. Cash, credit and debit were all taken for payment. A detailed receipt for tax purposes was issued and no multi treatment deals were offered, nor discounts for prepayment.


ps. The consult was also free and for most people seemed to last 20 to 40 minutes, not counting testing time with the laser to determine suitable treatment levels.

Well I’m not from Phoenix AZ but i definatly would do it if i was. Thanks for the offer.

Hello. I am a nurse in Michigan, and I do laser hair removal. We require that every new client fill out forms before treatment. We do ask about any medical conditions, or any medications currently being taken. These are only asked because some meds can make you more liable to have side effects from a laser. Also, some conditions can also make you more prone to adverse reactions. We have a doctor who oversees our practice, and if we have any questions, we ask him before treatment. I agree 100% with this. In fact, I would be wary of any place that DIDN’T ask about meds, etc. Also, if you are under 18, we require you to have a parent/guardian with you. All our records are completely confidential as well.

I manage a laser center in NY. We require all patients to fill out a form before treatment. If payment is made upfront it should be marked as such on a chart and a reciept.