Questions about Home use products for the back.

I currently live oversees and will for several years, I dont have the flexibility of schedule to see a professional or I would. However I would like to pursue hair removal for my back and shoulders. I have Moderate to heavy Hair on my upper back and shoulders, and a mild amount of hair on my mid back. The Hair is relatively thick, and while the hair on my head and arms are blond with a red hue, and my facial hair is red. The hair on my back and shoulders seems relatively brown in color. I do a lot of athletic and outdoor activities, and find that while my hair is a little imbarassing to me, the biggest thing is that it can get pretty uncomfortable under my backpack and just from the rubbing of athletic cut t-shirts

Here are my desires:

I would like some thing that has a permanent effect. Not neccessarily permanent complete loss but significant reduction of number and size would be addequate. Even if it is only over time.

I would like something that I dont have to spend 4 hours doing once a week.

I have used some epilators and they only remove the surface hair and dont seem much better that shaving. The short stiff hairs itch and are just as uncomfortable under load as pre-treatment.

I have some concerns about laser options that require precise placement of the laser because, while I am very flexible, I am not flexible enough to get everywhere, and I dont think my neck could take that anyway. For this reason I am intrigued by patch type treatments.

However I am educated in the ways of deceptive advertisement and research in the medical comunity. Soo… I dont want to purchase something that has trumped up claims. Any additional info on what some of you pros think might be my best plan of attack would be great.


Dear Dave:

I am sorry to inform you that short of a magic wand, wishing on a star, or an out and out miracle what you have posed is a simple impossibility. LASER won’t treat red hair very well, and won’t give you the great result that you want.

Any permanent result will not be had by anything you can do on your own to your own back.

You need to find a good professional to do some good work fast to give you some relief, or you need to find an electrolysis buddy to learn how to do this and trade work on each other, or you need to abandon this idea entirely.

I wish I could give you a more rosey outlook.

What about lasers in term of reducing the coarseness and size of the hair? I can manage having the hair on my back if it just became smaller and not as a coarse.

since going to a professional is pretty much out of the question in my situation, what are my options for home treatment with the realization that it wont be permanent. Are there treatments that will slowly reduce the coarseness of my hair or that I wont have to do very frequently? Even if it is that one of these machines that are a hoax for permanent hair loss, might actually be a convenient way to remove hair, and only needs to be done once a month or so?

Just looking for honest oppinions, any Advice would be appreciated.

It is hard for even a professional to say exactly what your result would be with any LASER. Although there are guidlines for who is the best candidate, and who is the worst, it still can’t be said that person “A” will surely have result “Y” when we do treatment regime “X”.

Some of the scam patch devices will make it easier to remove hairs after their they loosen the hairs a little bit, but the problem is the continued irritation could stimulate new growth, or make the hairs you are removing thicker and stronger, or distorted.

If you got one clearance from a professional, you would have a permanent hair reduction, and many of the hairs left would be thinner and weaker.

Since going to a professional really is out of the question, what if I bought a used IPL unit like the radiancy Soft Touch (or any other one that you might have in mind, that isnt too expensive), used it for 6 months and then sold it again on Ebay.

I might cost me a couple thousand bucks and a few headaches, but it seems like units like these are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and according to the hairfacts site have shown a reasonable amount of success. especially given my expectations. Any other advice or ideas would be welcome

I don’t know why you seem married to the idea of LASER use. If you want safe permanent home hair removal, we have already outlined here in the DIY section how to get a buddy, study electrology and purchase a pro unit, perhaps on Ebay, and trade work on each other.

Although I suppose you could try to do the same thing with a LASER unit being sold on Ebay as well, but the chances of your endeavor leading to a serious problem requiring medical treatment is really high with one doing LASER work without full training and practice under a knowledgeable teacher. As many people who have had serious burns and scars WITH a doctor weilding the LASER, I can’t imagine that you have thought this out, researched it and still come to the conclusion that you want to try DIY LASER.

If you are going to do this privately, do it with electrolysis, good pro’s can clear a hairy back in 75 hours or less spread out over 9 to 18 months, while the look of completion is enjoyed most of that time. Doing it at home might take more hours, based on your lack of professional speed and skill, but if one reads and practices enough, it can be done well.

I don’t believe that anyone can say that buying a used LASER and using it on yourself is a good idea. Although I guess you might be able to re-sell it when you were done, but I warn you, many LASERs offered for sale on Ebay, end without a bid. Most people wonder about someone who bought something for $50K to quarter of a million dollars and are now offering it up for sale with no researve, or a starting bid price of $3,000.00

And once again, I warn you to avoid anything being offered by the Ebay ID “MedicalEquipmentBroker”. He is a scammer, and sells cheaply made items of questionable value that look in pictures to be professional units, but are closer to the control panels on Star Trek for functionality. (that means in person you realize it is only for show.)

I hope you make the right choice here, either way, I wish you luck.