questions about facial electro

Hi, all!

I have lightish skin and black hair so I thought I was a good candidate for laser and IPL. After getting ZERO results from IPL on my beard I switched to laser (YAG) and got monthly facial hair laser for a year and a half. I was getting results at first, but now I am convinced that any “progress” I saw after the first 3 sessions was mostly the placebo effect and my desperately hoping that I hadn’t wasted over 1k on something that wasn’t doing anything for my beard situation.

Now, I’ve got insurance and I’m set to start electrolysis tomorrow. I’ve got a few questions (which are probably better addressed to the electrologist, but I’m shy so I might not be able to ask in person), so I thought I’d ask here where everyone is so knowledgeable.

Based on this picture of my facial hair (after 2.5 days without shaving), how many electro sessions should it take to get rid of the hairs present here?
[li]If I am prone to keloid scarring, what are the odds of my ending up with facial scarring from electro?
[/li][li]How long will it realistically take before I am permanently free of black hairs on my face if I get sessions say… once per week? (I don’t care about white hairs at all and don’t plan to have my peace fuzz removed.) Will I ever be completely free of black beard hairs?

Thank you!

To answer your questions, scarring is very rare if you pick someone who’s competent (ask your electrologist if they’ve worked on male/trans beards before), even rarer if your hair is as dispersed as yours.

The entire process will last for about a year or more (for example 2h on the first session, 1h50 on the 2nd, 1h40 on the 3rd and so on).

Figure out how long it takes to clear your entire beard first then ‘‘math’’ from there. And with that relatively low amount of hair you probably won’t need to go once a week (it won’t be efficient financially), but there are other factors to consider like convenience, pain, time, etc.

Keep in mind that a lot of hairs are hidden (I did the test on my beard and at least 40% were), so what you see… isn’t always the truth (can someone recognize that reference lol).

Welcome to the tediously painful, yet amazing world of electrolysis!

its very easy to be free of the hairs. It is however somewhat time consuming as zapmyface indicates.

I dont see a lot of hair density, so this will work in your favour.You will continue to see hairs grow for up to a year or more that have never shown previously. Regular treatments will remove the hair from view, and there is no reason an electrologist couldnt get full clearances with every visit.I would plan once a week to start, and dwindle down the treatment from there.And you are correct, lowering testosterone does nothing to get rid of the hair once it is already growing.

Keloid scarring is common to dark skinned african descent people, I dont see that your skin is of the type to have keloid scarring?

start with a weekly appointment, expect it to be half that frequency in 6 months, and if you have a good electrologist, expect very little treatment by the time a year has passed because there wont be enough hair to worry about.


I don’t know why you used a YAG laser? Unless its the camera, you skin looks light to me.

You can get cleared each and every time with the hair I see. If you get clearance every 6 weeks and get get 8-15 clearances, over 12-18 months and you will solve your problem. You are an easy case.

Keloids? Nope. That is not a worry for you. Go to a professional electrologist and get it done.