questions about electro

I am having Electrolysis done in a few weeks but I have some questions that I need answered before I go through with it.I have hair that I don’t like on my chin, and a little bit on the sides of my face.I never had a real problem until I put epil stop on it, it burnt my face really bad and the hair became course and it grows pretty fast now…before that I only had to trim the thin light blonde hairs off about once a week.My questions are, between visits I know that youre supposed to be hair free for a couple of weeks.So, does this mean that after this time the hair grows back like it was and you have to go back in right away but be hairy for a day or two?And does this just keep repeating until your done with your treatment? Thanks to anyone that wants to help me

First of all, your experience is typical of someone who has had a chemical burn. The blood needed to heal the area also stimulates the thicker and coarser hair growth. The people who make Epil-Stop should be… I won’t go there. Let’s just say, if you want to see how well our goverment takes care of us, just notice that Epil-Stop is still on the market after all the chemical burn claims made against them.

If you have an electrologist who has both equipment and skill that is up to the task of clearing you each and every appointment, you will be visually clear for about 3 weeks. HOWEVER, your electrologist can remove hair before you can even see it. It is possible for most women to have electrology done on the face in a way that bares the desired skin, and keeps it visually clear with properly spaced appointments.

Well if ur electrologist only removes the most prominent hairs during ur appt. than yeah u will be hairy for a few days in between appts. because new hair growth will come in between that time. But u can always bleach or trim them. ( I advise trimming them becuz when u bleach them the electrologist might not be able to see them and therefore doesn’t remove them). It will also take a few zaps to each hair before the hair becomes thinner so if ur not removing all the hairs at one time but r just clearing the most noticeable ones expect a few months before u notice some major changes.

Thank both of you for your help.How long do you think I should keep trimming&shaving the more course areas before I make my first app?the only course hair is on the bottom of my jaw and bottom of my chin.there are just a few others that are between that but I just trim there every couple of days if they start to get a little long.I dont need to bleach bcuz all of them are light blonde.

Make your first appointment as soon as you can. Just make sure that you give your electrologist hair that has not been trimmed for at least a day or 3 so that she/he can see them. The faster you start, the sooner you are either finished, or at least caught up with the rate at which you are acquiring new hairs.

If you do this, you will always look finished, even when you are not.