I have undergone about 15+ laser treatments on my back, abdomen, chest areas and I was wondering since I have had all of these I have had alot of thinning but there is still noticeable hair. I cannot get laser during the summer when i get tan which I am and I have had my back waxed a couple times. Will this cause harm to the already thinned hair. What I mean is will the waxing cause the hair to come back stronger hence ruining what I have accomplished after all these treatments??? Thanks I should have asked this before I went and got the waxing done. Who knows, maybe it’ll help considering i have had probably 17 treatments with the gentlase plus and I still have significant hair. I have also heard someone mention that it might be helpful to wax before laser so the laser can reach the follicle easier but I don’t know about that since it needs the melanin to reach the follicle in the first place.

It sounds like the kind of laser your having your treatments done with isn’t working for you. Find out what kind of laser it is and do some research. You should have more lose at this time then you seem to have from your post. Also there are lasers out there that will let us laser on tan skin so I think you should maybe look into one of those if your tan means that much to you.

As too waxing yes that will effect your results. You will need to wait 2 to 3 months after last waxing in order to let enough hair grow in and be in the right stages so your laser treatments will be effective.

The target for our laser is the hair in the hair follicle. The laser will not be effective if the hair isn’t in the shaft. The laser penetrates the skin heats the hair up. The heat has to dissipate and travels up to the skin where we have a cooling device to save the skin from burning and down to the base of the hair at the root where it sears off the blood supply to the hair. Thus damaging the hair follicle. Over time the hair will either be eliminated or with time it will become very fine and then be eliminated. However the only the hairs in the right stage at the time of the treatment will be effected. About 30%
Hope this helps.
Patty Sue :smile: