Can electrolysis get rid of/treat ingrown hairs? I have ingrowns a lot, all over actually, it’s weird. Especially when I wax =( I know everyone will say “stop waxing” but if I don’t wax I will be a hairy monster. I wax my stomach, back, chest bone and bum =$ gross I know but it’s a must!!
Anyways I wanna do electrolysis on my butt, but will it get rid of the ingrowns? I try to loofah in the shower, that doesn’t really let them out =S it’s weird.

Electrolysis removes one hair at a time. A probe is inserted into the follicle, so yes, it can also remove ingrowns. Most electrologists are trained in that.

Historically, Electrolysis had been invented to remove ingrown hair which otherwise caused inflammations.

A good electrologist can gently lift out ingrown hairs with a sterile lancet. Some use the tip of their tweezers/forceps, but I don’t recommend that.

Not having a hair in the follicle is by every means the way to end the ingrowns. Loofah’s can grow bacteria big time, so wash it well or get something that is synthetic.