i was wondering…lets say you do electrolysis and u’ve been doing it for a couple of months…but now u decided to stop electrolysis–what happens to the hair that have been treated a few times but still havent been removed permanantly?

do they stay weak due to the previous treatment even thou its been stopped? or would they become ‘strong’ again as they used to since no more treatment is being given to them?

i hope that this makes sense!!:stuck_out_tongue:

first of all, read this:
Growth Charts

Now if you understand that, you will see that some hairs are gone, and gone for good the first time. The hairs that were not in phase are the ones that come back thinner and weaker. Those hairs should stay diminished, unless you have a hormonal imbalance, or drug interaction, or some such situation.

In any event, even one electrolysis session will create permanent hair removal in some hairs, you just won’t be able to see that untill much later.