hi everyone…I havn’t posted in a while but yeah im almost 7 months into my treatments but i have a question. I had my appointment this morning(its been the same time every week since august) and last week my electrologist hurt her knee bad and had to stay home for a week. So today she wasn’t in, and the other lady didn’t have any open spots…so I just had to take this week off and go back in next Saturday. I was pretty dissapointed…this means I’m gunna have a lot of hair all week. But anyhow my question is…is this gonna screw things up at all? Like make the process slower now? Will I be behind and will a lot of the visible hairs not be in growth phase? Thx for anyone who can answer.


I don’t think that missing one week will make a difference except psychologically. Not if you are going every week.

I personally would not let my facial hair grow out for 2 full weeks. I would be a nervous wreck doing that.
I would have shaved after the missed appointment and let the hair grow out my usual 5 or 6 days.


thanks!! Well im scared to see how much will grow but I actually don’t think it will be too bad. I would be more scared to shave it than anything because I have never shaved my face before! But its good to know one missed appointment wont affect the progress. thanks again!

Shaving doesn’t cause any internal changes, so it is ok to do. It will change the perception as the hair will feel stubbly as it grows back instead of having the soft feel of hair that has grown with the full tappered end that a natural, untouched hair has.

You would not have to worry about missed time unless you spent more than 4 weeks away.