I am a dark skinned African American female. I was thinking about trying laser hair removal. Is there anyone who is in my caterogy or knows about my type of skin that can tell me about some experinces they heard of or went through. Thanks!

The ONLY safe laser for your skin type is an ND: Yag laser used by a very experienced technician if you want to avoid any skin discoloration, burns, etc. I have read a good success story from an african american girl on kitty’s forum. I believe there is a practitioner that specializes in hair removal on very dark skinned individuals with laser somewhere on the east coast. you can do search on her forum.

thank you. do u have the website for her forum?

i can’t post it here, it will get deleted automatically. these forums don’t allow cross postings. you can google kitty’s hair removal forum. it’s called consumer beware. then you can run a search for “black” or something similar and you will find that thread. The post is by CurlyKrissy and she’s in Detroit. Here’s the link, but you will have to substitute the missing part with “consumer beware” with no space.…turnPage=Search