just a quick question for any experienced electrologists. When getting thermolysis, If the hair is not killed the first time it is zapped, and then grows back over a certain period of time will the hair be thinner in diameter?
After experiencing laser and ipl I have seen that a certain percentage of the hair that does grow back is definately thinner in diameter and less noticeable. The reason I ask is that I am only interested in thinning some patchy areas left over from laser and ipl with thermolysis, so not looking to totally clear the area?

Yes, it is likely that a hair, in the growing stage, treated with electrolysis will grow back thinner and lighter if it is not totally destroyed the first time. However,an anagen hair will be killed the the first time if the timing and intensity are correct and the target area was treated correctly.

Electrolysis is an excellent strategy for thinning patchy sections left over after laser, since hair is selected one at a time.