hey all…i hope everyone is having good results…i am wondering what the results of TAN abdomen area of people who have had laser performed with comet/syneron have been? black hairs dark skin…please let me know as i am considering this and finishing with electroloysis…i’m talking just one treatment…some kind of reduction? to make it easier for the electrologist and myself… thanks

Have a good read of this forum. Dark skin is not a good candidate. Start with electrolysis, finish with electrolysis. You won’t regret it.

Yag laser is the only one that can be used on dark skin. It should work, but will take more treatments and it’s important to find a good tech who knows how to max out on the settings without burning your skin.

hey thanks for responding guys…i am wondering if anyone with what i have mentioned previously has had good results with laser treatments to at least thin and reduce the hair so that it would be easier of a job for my electrologist to deal with and myself…i just don’t want my skin to be burned by laser treatments. i know that there’s mixed reviews on this but i was wondering if anyone has had success or an educated opinion on it…THANKS!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

I have dark hair with type 4 skin, it’s supposedly ‘dark’ to the doctor, but to myself, I’m deathly pale these days. The Syneron Comet cleared each growth cycle on my legs like a street sweeper. I would be happy if I only got half those results on my abdomen area. But then again, my ab area was a pathetic mess from all the epilating I did for years, very thick hair and hair follicals really damaged,split, and growing every which way. Ingrown city …uggh. With two treatments I don’t have the clearing like I did on my legs, but it is back to better than normal. Just finer hairs now, it’s gotten rid of the coarser hairs, the heavy vegetation. Where I go, an ab treatment is $150. Would it be worth it? I think so, but make sure you wait the full four weeks before you make a judgement on how it works. Two treatments may be even more worthwhile for just $300. I would at least give it two shots before starting electrolysis. You know, you want to see how you’re going to respond to it. And if you do, then you’ll see more rapid and satisfying results with the following electrolysis visits. It should work out okay in that you’re going to have to wait six or so weeks after your last laser visit before your first electrolysis visit, so what was to shed, will be shed by then.

thanks for responding!! yea im still contemplating laser and i would definately go with the syneron since you have personal experience with it…i just don’t want to get a patch test with a laser that doesn’t do tan skin, i did it before and last time it burned and that was like 6 months ago but the lady told me when she was doing it that she had to do it even though my skin was turning white when she did it…she for some reason felt the need to repeat making more spots…so beware. thanks again and everyone stay with it!

one more thing…i called a doctors place today that does laser hair removal and the receptionist told me that they use the cool glide and i asked if it could be used for really tanned or dark skin and she said yes, she also said that they don’t do the package deals b/c i want to pay per treatment to see how my skin reacts…what is your guys opinion? thanks!!

I prefer not to pay up front, so I don’t feel like I’m tied down to a particular office just in case I change my mind or things go wrong. I pay per treatment and am happy. The prices I pay are also same as other clinics charge WITH up-front contracts.